Physical Description

Deck of 53 playing cards plus one card with written instructions. Paper quality is excellent, on par with what you’d expect from any good deck of playing cards, and printing is top-notch! Production quality is really very good.

The artwork on these cards is cartoony and fun, bodies are depicted with somewhat realistic proportion, and the style is whimsical and light-hearted. You’ll laugh before ever playing the game… just flipping through the deck.

You can see sample cards here but the backs of the cards are worthy of praise as well. They resemble classic playing cards but a closer look reveals artfully done, suggestive imagery. Too funny!

Basics of Game Play

Each card in the deck depicts a single, distinct sexual act and the deck consists of four basic groups of sexual activity; foreplay, coreplay, intercourse, and afterplay. Rules included suggest a semi-random selection of cards by each party and then a final, shared, pairing of those selected down to an agreed upon four. That’s when the sex begins…your fate is in the cards.

Of course, with a willing partner and a fistful of 53 distinct sex acts, the rules are your own to make. Just in case you’re not the creative type, the creative game makers came up with some alternate rules to keep you entertained.

Target Audience

The game involves mostly vanilla-type sex and ranges from mild to wild. The suggested rules set a light-hearted and cooperative tone which gives room for boundary exploration while still providing a safe “out” for the less adventurous.

New couples still learning about each other, or those who need a platform for discussion, will get a lot out of this playful game. Long-term relationships could also benefit from this type of play… it takes all your regular routines, tosses in some stuff you tried once years ago, sprinkles a little spice, and throws it all in the blender.  What comes out is, well… unpredictable.

Our Experience

We laughed. We flipped through all the cards together and chuckled at the art. We played by the rules, came up with sexy combinations of our favorite exchanges, and found new gems tucked inside the deck we can’t wait to try. Next time we play, we’ll mix up the rules for even more variety. I expect it will be quite some time before this deck of fun wears out its usefulness.

Disclaimer: Dick and Jane received this product free of cost in exchange for an honest review.
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