Demystifying The Pleasures of Prostate Play (Dick)

Obligatory anatomical illustration to give this post immediate credibility

Obligatory anatomical illustration
to give this post immediate credibility

Amid all the talk about prostate play online, I have never read much more than “it feels great”, “amazing orgasms”, or some similar succinct synopsis devoid of any rational explanation as to why it is so good. It’s not a magic button either, in case that’s what you were thinking.

Before I demystify the pleasures of prostate play for you, let me back up to make a couple notable points first so that my explanation later in this post makes sense. If you are an over-educated Sex Geek then you can probably jump down a few paragraphs.

The Point Of No Return

When it comes to men’s orgasms there is a “point of no return” which all men are familiar with, it is the starting gun of the ejaculatory sequence. As the ascent to orgasm nears its peak, ejaculation becomes insuppressible and the physical pleasure of climax overcomes him. At this point of no return, ejaculation has already begun… he just doesn’t see the white evidence of it spill across his belly until the end of the semen’s journey.

For you men in the audience, it’s assignment time. When you masturbate next (HotPics can help), pay very close attention to the sensations in your pelvis during this point of no return. There is a feeling akin to an internal pucker, almost like the root of your dick suddenly sucks on something sour, and that is the sensation I want you to take note of. To help you visualize what’s going on down there let me start with a simple lesson in the form and function of your anatomy.

Anatomy Down There

The prostate gland is both a manufacturer and warehouse built into one; it is responsible for making the fluid portion of men’s ejaculate, and it works 24/7 to keep a spongy storage reservoir filled and ready for action. It is a self-filling bag of liquid potential.

Encircling the prostate is a fibrous sheath of smooth muscle, you may already see where this is leading. As he huffs and pants working himself very close to climax, this smooth muscle sheath contracts around the sponge-like prostate giving it a squeeze that expels contents of the gland into the urethra where it helps mobilize an army. The rest of the orgasm needs no explanation… though it might need some Kleenex.

Where Things Get Interesting

Pressure receptors in the prostate itself alert the brain, “hey, we’re getting a hug down here!” and this is the physical sensation men perceive as the gateway to orgasmic release, the point of no return. The pressure alone is really nothing intrinsically pleasurable… but the feeling of the squeeze gets associated with so many other incredible pleasures during orgasm that it feels good by mere association. Men learn to love the sensation through experience.

If you have followed me so far then this next statement should make perfect sense… physical pressure applied to the prostate produces a sensation consistent with the inevitability of orgasm. Stated more simply, when men are about to come (or are actually coming), much of what they feel down there is their prostate under pressure.

By applying pressure directly to the prostate with a finger, prostate massager, or other object, it is possible to simulate the sensation produced by smooth muscle contractions during orgasm. Massaging the prostate can feel to him like a constant, uninterrupted ejaculation that lasts as long as the massage continues. It is a plateau of pleasure attainable without the normally requisite build up of the sexual cycle… it’s cheating, that’s what it is.

Jane has some excellent tips on how to perform an incredible prostate massage, find Jane’s prostate massage tips here.

A Recent Experience

I got a new toy recently, the Onyx Glass Prostate Massager, and had an intensely pleasurable but maddeningly frustrating experience with it. Don’t read that as a bad thing… it’s a good thing, really.

Since I first started learning about prostate play I have heard stories (that read like legend) of non-contact orgasms. No touching of the dick whatsoever… climax and release through prostate manipulation only. I have always been a skeptic of these tales because my dick is the epicenter of my sexual pleasure and disconnecting it from the experience of orgasm is unthinkable! That view is changing, however, and I want one of these hands free orgasms for myself.

Using only my new massager, I pretty quickly reached a point where I felt orgasm was imminent. You know, the point of no return. Even though my dick was only semi-erect I was convinced that I was about to blow my first non-contact load of come all over the floor (I was on my hand and knees). This was a very exciting development because I am a geek who finds interest in oddly peculiar things. (Quiet, Jane)

It was sweaty work, alternating between slow and intense manipulation of the toy, and went on for nearly 45 minutes before I gave in and yanked the orgasm out of my dick by hand. I was close… I was SO close that whole time, hanging on the edge of orgasm and desperate for release. It was euphoric agony.

In truth, I was only tricking my body into believing it was experiencing sexual climax. I cheated the system and got amazing results. The cheat did not directly produce an orgasm for me [yet] but sometimes it’s about the journey not the destination. Had I choked the chicken and come after the first 5 minutes I would have short changed myself 40 minutes of breathless bliss.

The Takeaway Lesson

His prostate is in the game for every orgasm a man has. Even though he might not be in tune with the exact feeling his prostate contributes to his pleasure, it’s there. Finding it and giving it direct pressure pleasure not only opens new doors to sexual satisfaction, but can help him better appreciate his own pattern of arousal and release.

If you have a partner in your life who is curious, trusting, and willing to playfully explore then you both could have a lot of fun. For you single guys… pick up a toy made for the job, even those of us married with willing partners have great success on our own sometimes.


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