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SOL is the latest incarnation of the much loved original Revel Body Sonic Vibrator and it offers up some significant improvements over a vibe Jane had previously dubbed one of the best she had used. This new version looks nearly identical, is it really any better? We tried it out side by side with the original Revel Body ONE and the answer is YES!

What We Really Liked

• More powerful than the original
• Simplified frequency selection
• Better design of Core Tip replacement / Extra Tips
• Dependably rechargeable

What Is This Thing?

The basics of this unusual looking vibrator can be found in our review of the original where we go into a pretty lengthy description of its physical features and mechanics. Dick even went so far as to create his very first 3D animation to demonstrate the core technology (don’t laugh).

The principal engineering, appearance, use, care, and cleaning have not changed and we are not going to reproduce that content here. Feel free to do some background reading before continuing here to read about the new, improved version. In short, I will say this: Revel Body abandoned traditional vibrator technology, improved engineering from an unrelated industry, and innovated a truly distinct product. They are like NASA for your crotch. We applaud their vision and truly appreciate their product.

What’s New In This Version?

More Power: SOL’s new QuietCore piston has a greater travel distance (moves further back and forth) at lower frequencies and a new dual drive motor which creates greater force against resistance. This translates into a sense of increased power; the core tip pushing further into your skin (*ahem* your clit), and less dampening of vibration as you apply pressure with the vibrator to the target area (*ahem* your clit).

All that said, you should know SOL is NOT the most powerful vibrator you can buy, far from it. If you love your [formerly Hitachi] Magic Wand then SOL may disappoint. If, however, a back massager (wink) is too much, too loud, and leaves you feeling numb and/or itchy then SOL might be a great choice for you. SOL’s vibration is more “gentleman” than “porn star”.

QuietCore with Interchangable Tips

QuietCore & Interchangable Tips

Interchangeable Core Tips: It used to be that, to change up your stimulation a bit, the entire core piston had to be swapped out with another having a differently shaped tip. This SOL version introduces interchangeable tips that snap on/off a single core. Simple, less expensive, and avoids storage of multiple magnetic cores which like to cling together. We think this is a big improvement.

Multiple Tips Included: The base product now comes with 3 interchangeable tips, it used to be just one. This triples the variation available straight out of the box and is made possible by manufacturing efficiencies inherent in the new piston design. You can, of course, buy additional tips and I’m told Revel Body will be continually innovating new tip designs into the future.

Simplified Settings: The original Revel Body ONE vibrator had 10 frequency and 2 power settings, making 20 possible combinations, many indiscernible from others. This latest version has trimmed the options down to 6 frequencies only, making it much easier to find something that works for you and your clitoris.

Concave Buttons: The plus/minus (freq up/down) buttons are now concave (dimples) instead of convex (bumps). This distinguishes them from the power button, which is still a bump, and that’s about it. The buttons are covered with the same seamless silicone skin as the rest of the unit which makes them waterproof but also dictates they be the same color as the body. Labels are embossed on each button (again, same gray color) and are only easily readable in proper light when the SOL body is not vibrating. Proper use requires you and your fingers commit the buttons to memory.

Om Vibration: This is where the Revel Body SOL marketing plan loses us. We are pragmatic people and the whole spiritually rejuvenating Om Vibration thing seems a little hoodoo voodoo to us. But what do we know… India is a big market. The upper 3 frequency settings of SOL actually produce audible tones like the “Ommm” hum associated with Hindu meditation (we measured them as E/E♭ in different octaves and A♭). According to Wikipedia, “OM is the name of God, the vibration of the Supreme” so think of SOL as God giving you a hummer. Sacrilege much?

Quieter: No. But does it really matter? Revel Body made changes to the piston to reduce slap against the cylinder walls, they call it their new QuietCore piston and it works well. At the same time, however, they cranked up the power which created a new noise all its own. We ran old and new side by side and the difference was obvious. Revel Body thought we might have gotten a bad unit so they sent another but our results did not change. The original is so quiet though, even “louder” in this case does not mean loud. It’s not “Harley Davidson” loud, it’s more like “purring kittens”.

Granted, if you share a dorm room with a roommate and you don’t want her to know you’re masturbating on the top bunk (or coveting your sweet sex toys) then a vibrator, any vibrator, might not be a good choice for you.  For the rest of us… what’s a little noise? I can tell you the Revel Body SOL is WAY quieter than any orgasm Jane has ever had.

Underwater Suction: No. We tried, really. This seems to be a sexy selling point but is more like a sprite for us; continually chased but never found. The unit is fully submersible, we like that! It can be powered up and used underwater, we like that too! The full surface of the concave side delivers wonderful vibration over the surface of the vulva. yes! But nothing akin to suction was ever evident to us.

No USB Adapter: This product is USB rechargeable and the original version shipped with a USB wall adapter, this version does not. I was told rules governing import interfered with the plan to include a USB adapter in the product packaging this time around. Any 1.0 or 2.0 amp USB wall adapter should work and you likely have a few already.

Should You Buy This?

We think SOL’s extra power and easily changed tips are the best part of this Revel Body update. We also think, given all the crap peddled in the adult market space, SOL is a remarkable value and deserves a place parked on every lady’s nightstand. However, if you already paid for the original, we’re not sure upgrading to SOL is worth the re-investment. The original Revel Body ONE is still a good quality product. With that in mind, Revel Body is offering an option to purchase only the QuietCore which is backward compatible with the original Revel Body ONE. You don’t get the full power boost but operational noise is reduced and (best) it positions you to build a collection of tips at much better price.

Where To Buy?

Purchase a Revel Body SOL with confidence at the Revel Body store and get a 2 year warranty. It is nice sometimes to deal directly with a product provider and not through a middleman retailer. Revel Body stands firmly behind their products and will assure your satisfaction.

Thank you to Revel Body for providing this product to us at no cost in exchange for an honest review!


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