Satisfyer / Satisfyer Pro Product Line


The Satisfyer Lineup

The Satisfyer and Satisfyer Pro lineup are all clitoral stimulaters with the novel sexnology of Pressure Waves. The clitoris gets enclosed in an air filled space which pulsates with positive and negative pressures. The sensation is very focused and can be quite intense.

How The Sexnology Works

All models in the Satisfyer line work with the same basic principal. The functional end is an air chamber open on one side and placed over the clitoris, creating a loose seal with the labia and encapsulating the clitoris. On the opposite side of this chamber is a small piston enclosed behind a flexible membrane. As the piston moves up and down against the flexible membrane, air in the sealed chamber becomes compressed and then stretched, compressed, then stretched, over and over. The sensation is like a marriage of vibration and sucking.

Jane's Shower Toy Shelf

Jane’s Shower Toy Shelf (click to bigify)

What She Really Liked

• Novel stimulation and highly effective
• Waterproof bath and shower fun
• Easy to handle; ergonomic, light weight

Physical Description

Bodies are made of hard plastic (ABS) and shaped like otoscopes (except one, which resembles a potato). Each model has silicone where it comes in contact with the body and the Satisfyer 1 and Satisfyer Pro 2 models have more bulbous and softer silicone at their tips.

Buttons are few, covered with flexible silicone, and have very simple operation which cycles each unit through 11 frequency settings (up and then back down). Satisfyer Pro 2 is unique in the line due to its up/down rocker button which allows you to increase or decrease frequency without needing to run through the whole cycle.

Rechargeable models have Li-Ion batteries and come with a USB cord but no wall adapter. Multi-language manual is provided, it notes that toy should not be stored with others (standard precaution with silicone). Product packaging is not designed for reuse as storage and no storage bag is included. You might consider adding a storage bag to your cart if you store all your toys together like we do.

Satisfyer Lineup

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Her Experience

We bought the Satisfyer Pro 2 after hearing great things about it and, within a week, we received the rest of the product line direct from the German manufacturer. Jane has been a very busy lady trying to keep up!

Control of the frequency is a little annoying but totally forgivable because these toys are excellent at doing what they do! Orgasms come quick and easy without overwhelming the clitoris or causing numbness. The Pressure Wave technology (as they call it) is uniquely satisfying and all of these toys work about the same way.

With only one button to control speed, you often have to cycle all the way to the end of the 11 settings and back again to reach the setting you want. If you know you’ll want to slow things down right during or after climax, plan ahead by moving all the way up through the frequencies and back down a few before starting. That way, when you press the settings button it will get slower and not faster. The inverse is also true.

The Satisfyer 2 (only) has a rocker button with +/- options and this gives much better control when changing settings during use.

The Pro Deluxe was not a favorite due to its shape, which felt a little imposing pressed against the labia and slightly more difficult to position correctly. The Satisfyer 1 seems to have less power, probably because the piston (see above) has less travel back and forth. This could be a great option if your clitoris is super sensitive.

Favorites are the Satisfyer 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2 whose pressure waves feel deeper and more satisfying, likely due to their larger chambers. The Pro Penguin also has a larger chamber and feels great too, its tip is not as bulbous or soft as the others which lets it sneak into smaller spaces.

Care and Cleaning

Really easy! All these toys are waterproof so warm soap and water followed by a quick dry and you’re done. The manual suggests you can clean inside the chamber with a Q-tip and this is probably a good idea, at least every once in awhile. The quickest, easiest way (i.e. after every use) is to fill the chamber with hot soapy water, cover it with your thumb, and turn on the power. Agitation inside the chamber provides a very effective scrub.

Where To Research and Buy

You can discover and buy any of the toys in the Satisfyer line discreetly and with confidence at Sexy Toys For Couples. Even better, if you share this review and let us know about it (contact us), we’ll send you a 15% off coupon.

Thank you to Satisfyer for providing four of these products to us at no cost in exchange for an honest review!


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