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Her We married in 1994 at ages 21 and 24. Three kids later, we are happy and still growing sexually (though time, energy, and privacy often thwart our best efforts). Him
a Degreed Nurse
a nutrition & fitness junkie
a total MILF
a bottom
a Software Engineer
an NPR listener
a total horn dog
a top

About Our Blog

We run this blog together because it’s fun, keeps us focused on our sexual sides, and tosses in a few extra benefits which drive really great sex at times when we need it most.

Our basic blogging rules (many we’ve broken) are:
• Stay on the topic of sex and our committed relationship.
• Write evergreen content that is continually relevant.
• Be positive, always! No rants, ever.
• No politics, no religion, no sides taken.
• Use humor whenever possible.
• Don’t blog about blogging.
• Publish new posts as inspired, not just to create filler.

Our blogging started back in 2008, we have a few years of this behind us and our archive chronicles discovery of both ourselves and each other.

Content you should expect to find on Dick-n-Jane.com:
• Sexy stories with intimate details
• Ideas for improved intimacy and better sex
• Personal confessions
• Erotica for couples
• Professional sex and relationship advice
• Commentary and pointless humor

We hear from readers all the time who love Dick-n-Jane.com for the dialog it creates in their own relationships. This is a point of pride for us and we hope you share what you find here with your lover (and friends)!

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Happy reading!

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