Jane Wears A Strap OnI helped her slip the harness on for the first time and cinched the leather straps until it was snug, securing her new dildo dick in a solidly erect position. She dribbled a little lube on the tip and used her hand to apply it to the shaft with long, slow strokes meant to both imitate and excite me. I suggested she walk around the mirror filled room and check herself out, which she did.  She looked really hot in her fishnet stockings, black corset, and new black leather and silicone strap-on, but the sexiest thing she had on that day… was the wide grin on her face.

I laid back on the Love Machine with knees up and feet resting securely on either side. Jane stood between my legs and used one hand to guide her silicone cock as she aimed for my ass. She rested the tip gently against my anus and asked if it was ok to enter… “yes!”, I said. I was no anal virgin, Jane has been sticking things in my ass for some time, but this was different somehow. I had been wanting this from her for more than a year and with a gentle push from her hips she was in.

I asked that she be still and just rest there for a minute while my ass accommodated the presence of her cock. It felt foreign and imposing… but through it I also felt great relief that my long held desire was being recognized and that Jane was having fun doing it. She kept still, just playing with my dick, until I told her I was ready.

Jane has been on the receiving end of penetrative sex for as long as she’s been having sex, this includes receptive anal sex, so she could identify with what I was experiencing. She took it easy, keeping her thrusts slow and shallow, but I was quickly ready for more. I hooked my feet behind her ass, pulled her in deeper and then helped her with a faster rhythm. I wanted her to fuck me hard… and she did.

It was a sexual experience very different for me. Receptive sex imparts a sense of vulnerability and requires an intimate trust in your partner. Jane played the role exceptionally well and the fucking she dished out left me with a sense of deep adoration for her. The experience reminded me how lucky I am to have such a hot wife.

In appreciation, I later returned the favor by putting the harness on myself and giving her two dicks at once; flesh-and-boner in her pussy and “Tex” in her ass. She loves that!