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We occasionally take a day or two off from our regular routines to spend them focused on each other (you can read about some of those days here) which involve cracking open the sex toy vault to liberate our favorite forms of entertainment. It occurrs to us that we really have a significant collection of stuff… some of which we have written about (or reviewed) but much of which we have never mentioned here.

There is so much crap on the market! We think we have sorted through enough lousy More >

Metal Worx Double Trouble

Metal Worx Double Trouble


Metal Worx Double Trouble is a prostate or G-Spot massager made of high quality steel polished to a bright shine. It is solid, hefty, and comes in one of the best packages I’ve seen.

What I Really Liked

• Made of steel • Generous size • Easy to handle • Versatile for him or her • Clever packaging

Physical Description

This toy is 5.5 inches in length (the insertable part) and 1.5 inches in width. It weighs 1.5 pounds and is curved to hit the right spot with definitive presence. A loop for a More >

The Orion

The Orion (Boris & Doris Custom Toy Store)


The Orion

The Orion is a hand crafted, double ended, Stainless Steel tool designed for solo use as a G-Spot toy. Its versatility, however, is immediately apparent in its dual-sided shape which lends itself well to other uses by both women and men.

What We Really Liked

• Stainless Steel Material • Multipurpose Features • No Batteries, Lasts Forever

Physical Description Crafted of solid Stainless Steel, the total length of The Orion is 9.5″ and it weighs 12 ounces. A 45° degree curvature at one More >
Imperial Band

Imperial Metal Cock Ring (Gear Essentials)


DICK SAYS: Before I tell you how this stainless steel cock ring effects sex with Jane, I have to tell you that I wear it around casually on my cock like some private piece of man-jewelry… my secret bling! When going commando the weight gives my package a gentle pull and a little extra swing, it prevents uncomfortable junk-squeezing between the legs, and in underwear it gives my bulge an uplifting boost! What’s not to love?

When I received my cock ring in the mail it’s heftiness surprised me and More >

Pure Plug

Pure Plugs (njoy)


DICK SAYS: Njoy toys are artfully crafted from stainless steel, packaged like fine jewelry, and are both beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. Among the many things there are to love about these toys, two that stand out for me are; weight, and thermal inertia. You can warm them up or cool them down and they take their own sweet time surrendering to your body’s temperature. The bigger the toy, the longer the effect.

Jane and purchased the smallest of three available butt plugs (1″ diameter More >

pfun plug

Pfun Plug (njoy)


DICK SAYS: I was introduced to the idea of prostate massagers, for the health benefit *wink* and their unique ability to please, by Kidder Kaper of the Sex is Fun podcast. Soon after, I purchased an Aneros Helix and faithfully followed the instructions with high hope for the incredible orgasm promised. Just like the literature says, it takes time. After about 15 – 20 minutes with the Aneros in my ass I could start to identify the feeling of pressure against my prostate. As I worked my anal More >

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