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Jane By Fire Light

Day Off, Clothes Off, Game On (Dick)


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When you ditch work for the sole purpose of getting laid it can make for awkward next-day conversation at the water cooler. “So, what did you do yesterday?”, they always ask. “I shot a hot load of cum deep into my wife’s ass”, I’d like to say before taking another sip of water and watching their eyes react.

Actually, that would only tell part of the story… and it’s not really fair to cut out the true context of Jane’s and my day off together. We’re a couple More >

Nature Walk

The Naked Mile (Dick)


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We make an annual trek to our family’s vacation home which sits on a 40 acre lot of oak forest. It’s a 4000 ft² house with a huge covered deck overlooking rolling hills of wilderness as far as you can see. We love it there!

Our time in the country is packed to the gills with fun, the kind of non-stop activity you’d expect from Summer Camp, and every year we try to include something new.

This year it was The Naked Mile, an au natural walk twice up and down the quarter More >

Dick-n-Jane On Deck

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 1


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I posted the following status update on Facebook two days ago:

Naked hot tubbing and naked sunbathing while looking over a valley of snow dusted pines beats work.

And I meant every word of it! Jane and I had a great mid-week getaway into the hills and discovered a really nice place to relax and unwind. It was quiet, there was little to distract us from each other, and we had no good reason to wear any clothes. It was everything our home life is not.

Our camera made More >

Celtic Cock Ring

A Very Personal Protest (Dick)


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The last time we flew to Mexico I had a good sized stainless steel cock ring in my carry on bag and I wondered what might happen when I went through airport security and customs during our International flight. Nothing, that’s what happened. It probably lit up like neon on the x-ray screen… it didn’t look dangerous (apparently) but it wasn’t of interest either. That or the screeners just didn’t want to go there.

I just got a new hunk of man steel that’s even heftier More >

Hand Job Techniques for Him

Hand Job Techniques: Part One – Basic Skills For Him


We are turning up the heat here at with a revealing new series of videos intended to demonstrate some basic skills for pleasing your partner.

Handjobs were chosen for this series because we believe the hands’ versatility make them an exceptional sex tool capable of producing the most intense physical sexual response.

First up… six simple handjob strokes to leave him breathless and begging for more. If you see something new here, try adding it to your routine. If these More >

Jane Ass Black Skirt

Weekend Away in the City – Part 3


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We live life in the fast lane… but we’re doing it driving a minivan. Our suburban lives are crazy hectic with homework, school projects, little league, soccer, gymnastics, track meets… (I’ll stop there, I’m getting tired thinking about it). Oh, and we work multiple jobs.Sex is a recreation which gets pushed to the margins and becomes more about the release than the journey. The lives we live are more about our kids than they are about ourselves, so goes parenthood.

The More >

Dick and Jane at the Window

Weekend Away in the City – Part 2


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It takes batteries but it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t penetrate anything and I can’t stick my dick in it, but I have an unlikely new toy that is climbing the ranks on my short list of favorite sex toys. My camera.

Jane and I escaped family life for a sexy weekend away, we weren’t far from home mileage-wise but we got there on our bikes, so the 15 miles was enough to create a sense of isolation from home. We relied on our feet to take us out to eat and to shop, the slower More >

Jane On Bike

Weekend Away in the City – Part 1


I’d follow her anywhere… tucked away in that unassuming backpack was a crotch-less fishnet body stocking, leather strap-on, and black vinyl boots.

My birthday present was a weekend away in my birthday suit and it all started with a bike ride into the city. I hadn’t seen the contents of the backpack, but I knew of its promise. I rode the first 3 miles with a hard-on straining against the confines of my black spandex bike shorts.

Jane and I used to ride together a lot. For a while we worked at More >

Toying With My Toolbox

Toying With My Tool Box (Dick)


Another quiet Sunday morning routine… Jane woke me up by giving me a hard-on and then disappeared out the door to work. What’s a guy to do? Get creative, that’s what.

We bought a Hitachi Magic Wand for Jane a few years ago and it is an incredible orgasm extractor… want it or not, put that rumbler between Jane’s legs and within 60 seconds she’s trembling out a whopper.

The Wand is really a bit too much for her though so Jane’s current vibrator of choice is the decidedly more demure Eroscillator. More >

Summer Vacation Sex in the Window

Summer Vacation (Dick)


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We recently took a vacation from our jobs, our home town, and our sexy online personas to escape for summer fun with the family! We stayed with our kids and other close relatives at a family owned rural property set in 40 acres of oak forest. We had loads of fun but the setting made shared naked time difficult.

Nevertheless, we made time to catch a couple self portraits through our bedroom window. Note the conspicuous lack of curtains… who needs them when you have no More >

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