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Nature Walk

The Naked Mile (Dick)


Click for a better view!

We make an annual trek to our family’s vacation home which sits on a 40 acre lot of oak forest. It’s a 4000 ft² house with a huge covered deck overlooking rolling hills of wilderness as far as you can see. We love it there!

Our time in the country is packed to the gills with fun, the kind of non-stop activity you’d expect from Summer Camp, and every year we try to include something new.

This year it was The Naked Mile, an au natural walk twice up and down the quarter More >

Mountain Retreat

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 2


It was nearly dark when we arrived in a fog of light rain. The intimate resort was set snugly among Pine trees high on a hill overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s an area resplendent with wildlife… but that wasn’t the kind of wild life we were after.

We both bailed on work for a couple days, left the kids with Grandma, and retreated into romantic solitude where our time was our own. We do this sometimes, maybe once a year, and it is a refreshing way to reconnect. This time we had you More >

Dick-n-Jane On Deck

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 1


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I posted the following status update on Facebook two days ago:

Naked hot tubbing and naked sunbathing while looking over a valley of snow dusted pines beats work.

And I meant every word of it! Jane and I had a great mid-week getaway into the hills and discovered a really nice place to relax and unwind. It was quiet, there was little to distract us from each other, and we had no good reason to wear any clothes. It was everything our home life is not.

Our camera made More >

Rain Sex

Rain (Dick)


Late summer brings the best rainstorms where we live. They roll in at night with a light show followed by thunder that rumbles from a distance before building to crescendo and crashing through open windows.

Sleep escapes. Cool breezes chase us under covers previously forsaken by Summer’s heat. We hold tight through waves of glass rattling percussion which explode above the roar of cold rain punishing the roof. I love the rain!

Some years ago, a week of regular afternoon storms brought record More >

Three Thongs By Pool

Sports Sans Shorts (Dick)


For our male readers…

If three hot twenty-something girls (resort activity coordinators) wearing only thong bottoms told you to jump naked into a pool with them, along with other naked women and men, to play Water Volleyball would you do it?

I know! Silly question.

What about a more contact oriented in-pool sport like Water Polo or Basketball where legitimate fouls (funny but true) include “penis grabbing”?

Could you refrain from throwing slightly-too-high passes to your female teammates, More >

Hurricane Alex

Naked and Blown by Alex (Dick)


Jane and I recently returned from a 5 day beach vacation where we experienced both the raw beauty of our fellow guests and the raw power of tropical storm Alex, the first named storm of the year which has since developed into a hurricane and is bearing down on the Texas coast. Based on our experience, the only thing more strongly driven than tropical storm winds is the will of travelers who emptied their pockets before taking off their pants.

Undeterred, we and other naked foreign tourists More >

Sex Vacation

Sex Vacation!

Dick and Jane are officially on sex vacation!!

(No, that’s not actually us. But that’s where we are! :o)
Hit The Beach Naked

Sexy, Naked Escape (Dick)


June means vacation. Sure, there will be a family vacation thrown in there somewhere… but this year Jane and I are taking off together. Just the two of us. To the sexiest place on earth.

We’ve been to the Mayan Riviera together once before, it was 16 years ago on our honeymoon. We were drunk on love and just discovering sex together. This time will be different, but with any luck, just as memorable.

Where we are going… we don’t need clothes. That is to say, our destination resort is “clothing More >


Stumped (Dick)


We had only been married about a year when Jane and I packed up the car and took a summer road trip to the Pacific Northwest coast where we visited friends, family, historic places, nature preserves, and fucked each other on a giant tree stump.

Sure, the vacation was filled with G-rated adventure but this is a sex blog! No where else can I document and share the indelible memory cast by Jane’s and my roadside foray into a forest of gigantic cedar trees.

We were driving in Mount Rainier National More >


Hot, Dry, and Dripping (Dick)


Jane and I were riding our bikes through a gorgeous desert landscape outside Moab, Utah. It was mid-morning and the sun had just begun to chase away the remnants of a frigid night. The only sounds were tires on rock and sand beneath the steady rhythm of our breaths. Our isolation seemed absolute… though we were on a well mapped trail through one of the world’s premier mountain biking regions.

I had been riding for miles behind Jane, watching her muscular butt through tight black spandex as it More >

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