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Voyeur Wants To Take Wife To Sex Parties


I love my wife and we are in an monogamous relationship. I would like us to be voyeurs e.g. at swingers parties. I would love to watch other couples have sex while my wife and I watch. I drop subtle and not so subtle hints but no luck.

Can you help? Suggestions? – John

Dr. Charlie Glickman Profile | Website While dropping hints sometimes works, I’m a big fan of being direct. It doesn’t always work, but at least it means you don’t have to wonder about it anymore.First thing to do is to ask More >

What To Do About Kids Walking In?


I understand you and Jane have children so being parents as my husband (Ben) and I are, I’m sure you will be able to relate. You see on more than one occassion one of our kids, mainly our youngest, has intruded on our lovemaking.

Ben and I have locked our bedroom door, but even this does not help as the continous knocking is a severe distraction. It doesnt happen every night, but when it does it is like a splash of ice cold water, just kills the mood.

Last night was one of those nights. Ben had More >


How Do We Best Parent A [Possibly] Gay Son?


My wife and I have 3 kids; a 10 year old son, and 12 year old boy/girl twins. Our boys are very close but they contrast one another in some key ways; notably their demeanors, and possibly their sexual orientation. I believe it is very likely our younger son is gay.

Jane says it’s too soon, he’s too young for us to make that assessment. I’m not so sure… and that raises questions for me about how to best parent a gay son. Beyond fostering a loving and supportive home environment (which seems like More >


Same Sex Attraction Is Marital Secret


I am a man in a monogamous heterosexual marriage of more than a dozen years. My sexual interests have grown over time and I now find myself aroused by both men and women where I was previously only attracted to women. The idea of a romantic or emotionally intimate relationship with another man has no appeal to me, it is all about the hardware. I am curious.

My wife would be threatened by this if she knew (or a little freaked out) so I have kept it to myself. It’s not a desire she could really More >

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