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Does Swallowing Semen Effect My Urine?


Can swallowing semen affect a girls waste output? I had been noticing some pretty potent pee lately, but couldnt make a connection between any new foods or environmental concerns. Then I noticed a corelation between swallowing and the strong smell. A day after, bingo. Am I nuts? Signed, Swallowing

Dr. Justine Marie Shuey Profile | Website Everything you put into your body has to come out at some point. As far as swallowing is concerned I’ve never heard it could have an effect on your urine but More >

Self Conscious About My Vulva’s Appearance


This question simply comes from inexperience and lack of information. I have a new sex partner who is helping me open up and explore. Ive never really looked at my girly bits, but now that I’m brave enough to look at your sexy pics, I’ve wandered elsewhere and am now paranoid that my hoo-hoo looks like a pile of roast beef!! Ew!! Not nearly as sexy as what I’m seeing.

Is there any way to shape up the old girl?

– Old Lady Still Having Sex

Dr. Antoinette Izzo D.H.S., M.A. Profile | Facebook More >

She Orgasms Too Quickly


We have been married since we both were 20. One child, nice family. Since we hit our 40s, a new event is occurring. She cums too quickly, and after her orgasm, I feel that she is just patient with me until I do. She is an angel, and I love her. But should I match her tempo, or just use her as a sex doll. We are close, but this is something I know she would deny. We “date” frequently, but when shes done, shes done. – Kevin

Dr. Justine Marie Shuey Profile | Website There isn’t a simple answer to More >
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