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Our Recommendations, Updated!


We occasionally take a day or two off from our regular routines to spend them focused on each other (you can read about some of those days here) which involve cracking open the sex toy vault to liberate our favorite forms of entertainment. It occurrs to us that we really have a significant collection of stuff… some of which we have written about (or reviewed) but much of which we have never mentioned here.

There is so much crap on the market! We think we have sorted through enough lousy More >

Toying With My Toolbox

Toying With My Tool Box (Dick)


Another quiet Sunday morning routine… Jane woke me up by giving me a hard-on and then disappeared out the door to work. What’s a guy to do? Get creative, that’s what.

We bought a Hitachi Magic Wand for Jane a few years ago and it is an incredible orgasm extractor… want it or not, put that rumbler between Jane’s legs and within 60 seconds she’s trembling out a whopper.

The Wand is really a bit too much for her though so Jane’s current vibrator of choice is the decidedly more demure Eroscillator. More >

Female Pelvis

Good Vibrations, Great Idea (Dick)


My good idea didn’t work out like I had hoped… but it’s still a good fucking idea (“fucking” is used here as a verb, not an adjective). The problem was not with the creativity of my plan nor the result of a botched implementation… it was an equipment issue and, once again, I have begun to desire a toy that does not exist.

Last year I discovered the ultimate vibrating vagina toy for me; it’s soft, made of body safe material, has the perfect amount of squeeze, is warm to the touch, and even More >

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