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Have You Checked In Lately? (Dick)


People change. They grow, they contemplate, they fantasize. Sometimes they get bored… and every once in awhile there may be a paradigm shift that spins a person’s perspective, ideals, and desires in unexpected directions.

If you are in a long term relationship and you think you have your finger on the pulse of your partner’s desires you might want to double check your assumptions. Maybe you don’t know the whole story any longer.

Or perhaps it is you who has discovered something new about what More >

Sex Is Fun

Sex Is Fun (


We previously reviewed card game Sex Is Fun and have since received an improved version from the game maker. There have been modest improvements to the game content, a HUGE upgrade to the game’s aesthetics, and now it even costs less!

Version Improvements

This iteration of the Sex Is Fun Card Game is clearly a class above its predecessor in terms of quality and reflects the pride of its creator. Some of the many improvements include:

Thicker (stiffer) and glossier cards A sturdy box to store More >


Unpredictable (


Physical Description

Deck of 53 playing cards plus one card with written instructions. Paper quality is excellent, on par with what you’d expect from any good deck of playing cards, and printing is top-notch! Production quality is really very good.

The artwork on these cards is cartoony and fun, bodies are depicted with somewhat realistic proportion, and the style is whimsical and light-hearted. You’ll laugh before ever playing the game… just flipping through the deck.

You can see sample cards More >

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