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Our Recommendations, Updated!


We occasionally take a day or two off from our regular routines to spend them focused on each other (you can read about some of those days here) which involve cracking open the sex toy vault to liberate our favorite forms of entertainment. It occurrs to us that we really have a significant collection of stuff… some of which we have written about (or reviewed) but much of which we have never mentioned here.

There is so much crap on the market! We think we have sorted through enough lousy More >

Afterglow Massage Candle

Afterglow Massage Candle (Jimmyjane)


The Afterglow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane is a scented, oil candle which produces a pourable, warm oil for massage. Its fragrant and romantic nature make it ideal for intimate exchanges of sensual massage.

What We Really Liked

• Ideal oil for massage • Self warming to perfect temperature • Wonderful fragrance

Physical Description

100% emollient made with natural ingredients to include; jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and Aloe. Porcelain container is a 2.6″ cube, has a pour spout, holds 4.5 fl More >

Tor II Green

TOR II – Vibrating Cock Ring (Lelo)


The Lelo TOR II is a high-end, vibrating cock ring. Waterproof, rechargeable, silicone, and with 6 speeds, it is a shared pleasure for playful couples. Lelo is a brand we love and they did not disappoint with the revamped TOR II.

What We Really Liked • Strong vibration for its size • Designed to enhance sex • Quality manufacture • Waterproof, rechargeable Physical Description

The TOR II is a seamless, body-safe silicone ring with an embedded, multi-speed vibrator. The waterproof construction More >

The Orion

The Orion (Boris & Doris Custom Toy Store)


The Orion

The Orion is a hand crafted, double ended, Stainless Steel tool designed for solo use as a G-Spot toy. Its versatility, however, is immediately apparent in its dual-sided shape which lends itself well to other uses by both women and men.

What We Really Liked

• Stainless Steel Material • Multipurpose Features • No Batteries, Lasts Forever

Physical Description Crafted of solid Stainless Steel, the total length of The Orion is 9.5″ and it weighs 12 ounces. A 45° degree curvature at one More >
Sex Is Fun

Sex Is Fun (


We previously reviewed card game Sex Is Fun and have since received an improved version from the game maker. There have been modest improvements to the game content, a HUGE upgrade to the game’s aesthetics, and now it even costs less!

Version Improvements

This iteration of the Sex Is Fun Card Game is clearly a class above its predecessor in terms of quality and reflects the pride of its creator. Some of the many improvements include:

Thicker (stiffer) and glossier cards A sturdy box to store More >


Unpredictable (


Physical Description

Deck of 53 playing cards plus one card with written instructions. Paper quality is excellent, on par with what you’d expect from any good deck of playing cards, and printing is top-notch! Production quality is really very good.

The artwork on these cards is cartoony and fun, bodies are depicted with somewhat realistic proportion, and the style is whimsical and light-hearted. You’ll laugh before ever playing the game… just flipping through the deck.

You can see sample cards More >

Double Trouble

Double Trouble Harness (Libida)


Versatility is the hallmark of the Double Trouble Harness (no longer available). Two openings in front accommodate both a dildo and a flesh-n-blood boner at the same time! For heterosexual couples like us, that means; he can give her the pleasure of double penetration, and she can reverse the typical anal taboo and fuck him in the ass! (There are also other uses for a harness like; fall-back for men with erectile dysfunction, and phallic play for lesbian partners, but I will not delve into More >


Bodygroom Shaver (Philips)


DICK SAYS: Does what it claims!  It’s the only thing with a blade that I’ll let anywhere near my junk.  Note that the Bodygroom Shaver’s intended purpose is light duty… don’t expect to clear any jungles with it.  In my opinion, it works better as a shaver than a trimmer, the included guards either get clogged up with hair or pin the hair to your skin out of the blade’s reach.  I love that it is water proof; which makes it easy to clean, and makes it useful in the shower where I like to lather More >

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp


JANE SAYS: This was one of the first “sex toys” I picked out when Dick suggested I go shopping. I went to the Liberator site which I had heard about through one of our favorite podcasts (SIF). I found that I got very turned on just looking at the pictures. I was very excited to try it out. I was not disappointed.

The point of the liberator ramp is to help create different positions for sex and to enhance the oldie but goodies. The first positions we tried was doggie style. I found the ramp More >

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