StumpedWe had only been married about a year when Jane and I packed up the car and took a summer road trip to the Pacific Northwest coast where we visited friends, family, historic places, nature preserves, and fucked each other on a giant tree stump.

Sure, the vacation was filled with G-rated adventure but this is a sex blog! No where else can I document and share the indelible memory cast by Jane’s and my roadside foray into a forest of gigantic cedar trees.

We were driving in Mount Rainier National Park on a ribbon of asphalt cut through a towering ancient forest. The scale of the cedar woods was breathtaking, it felt like we were navigating the bottom of a deep canyon walled with rich green growth. It was a scenic drive but the scenery was secondary… we had a destination, we were on our way to stay with my Aunt. And we both knew that our prospects for sex that night were slim.

I kept my eyes on the road and Jane scanned the woods for a place to stop. There were no side roads and no parking lots in that part of the park, just a narrow shoulder on the winding road. Eventually we spotted (from the road) an enormous stump, the remains of what must have been an imposing giant, and we parked. With two wheels on the shoulder and two wheels still in the lane we grabbed a blanket and dashed into the woods.

It was easily as big as a queen sized bed and when we lay on it looking up into the canopy we felt very small. We also felt very horny. Sex that day was a quickie but I’d say it was one of our best quickies ever. There was a serene stillness in those woods… interrupted only by the occasional car slowing down to pass ours on the road. I don’t know if we were seen, but I suspect we were. It didn’t slow us down at all though.