Where To Buy Viagra Online?


Can you recommend an online outlet to purchase Viagra or Cialis at a reasonable price and can be sure it is the real thing?

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson Profile | Website Do not buy Viagra (or other medications) online unless you’ve obtained a prescription from your doctor (not an online substitute), and you are making the purchase from an established reputable company. You need to have a proper medical evaluation before purchasing these drugs, as there may be side effects and certain More >
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Demystifying The Pleasures of Prostate Play (Dick)


Obligatory anatomical illustrationto give this post immediate credibility

Amid all the talk about prostate play online, I have never read much more than “it feels great”, “amazing orgasms”, or some similar succinct synopsis devoid of any rational explanation as to why it is so good. It’s not a magic button either, in case that’s what you were thinking.

Before I demystify the pleasures of prostate play for you, let me back up to make a couple notable points first so that my explanation later in More >


Do You Have Any Shaving Tips?


I’ve been shaving my pussy years now, but Im still not completely happy with the results. The shave is never close enough (I always feel like a cat being rubbed the wrong way), and I constantly get ugly ingrown hairs. How can I get that smooth, comfortable, and sexy shave that both I and my husband desire?

– Kate

Jane of (degreed Nursing professional)

Dear Kate, I too have struggled with the same issue and have since given up on the idea of having a smoothly shaved pussy. I More >

Sex Toy Chest

Storage Solution: Sex Toy Chest Doubles As Furniture


We have a few sex toys, we have a few kids, and we had a small storage problem. We needed a place to keep our stuff, to separate products by material, and to spare nosy children from undue heebie jeebies.

Our solution was a slightly modified aquarium stand which now acts as bedroom furniture with securable compartments. It’s not the type of security that could thwart a determined thief, but it’s good enough for our purpose. Here’s what I did (click images to enlarge or you can also view these More >


His Desire For Sex Fails To Keep Pace With Mine


I am a woman in my early 50s (no menopause yet) and I have a GREAT sex drive. The problem is my boyfriend of 1 yr, in his mid fifties, has less of one. I can only see him every 2-3 weeks on the weekends so its disappointing to only get it once or twice on a 3-day weekend. Hes always been in great health, great B/P, great physical condition, has no doctor, no insurance and is against taking medication in general.

He has no problem maintaining an erection and can often last for an hour or more, More >


Cowgirl Position Wears Me Out, What Can I Do?



Whenever I have to do the Cowgirl position during sex I tend to get tired rather quickly and then my partner has to take over. What can I do to prolong my endurance? Also, are there other motions that can be done on top beside just the up and down thrusting?


Dr. Charlie Glickman Profile | Website

That position is a pretty challenging one for some folks. You could do pilates to build up your abs. Belly dance is also worth trying- it’s often a question of how well you can move your More >


Ejaculating Quicker Than I Want To, What Can I Do?


I have been with my girlfriend for three years and I still find her very attractive and think that she is amazing in bed. However, the last couple of times we have had sex I ejaculate way too quick (about less than 2 minutes) and I feel horrible for her. I feel satisfied but I hate knowing that I left her unsatisfied. just curious to some precautions I could take to improve my endurance and bring up my self confidence. I am open to any exercises, pills, or toys that could get me back on More >


Can You Recommend Anal Toys for Beginners?


Can You Recommend Anal Toys for Beginners?

Dick of (layman with a website) Everyone has a butt… so anal play can be a shared endeavor for couples, something both men and women experience similarly, and creates an unmatched opportunity to understand your partner’s sexual response. We are advocates of the activity and here are some good items to start with:• Fingers are the perfect size and length to explore sensation. They are warm, mostly rigid with a soft exterior, they wiggle, More >
Dicks Butt Toys

Evidence Of A Good Night (Dick)


Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until the next day… how nice it is to have a partner willing to focus so intently on my pleasure.

Since August has been declared Anal Sex Month (by whom we do not know) I figured it was good timing to step out with a reminder for you guys that everyone has a butt. Expecting her to receive when you are also capable but unwilling hardly seems fair.

Of course, penetrating your ass does not provide her with any direct physical pleasure… there’s a lot of “giving” More >


What Do You Know About Ben Wa Balls?


Have u done a product review on geisha or ben wa balls? I have read many reviews, seems lots of people have a love or not worth it review. I’m hoping to increase inner strength, thus bringing on orgasms that hard to home by! Grrr… – Jenni

Dick of (layman with a website) We have not reviewed Geisha or Ben Wa balls, sorry. However… Jane has these ben wa balls, I bought them for her years ago. They are not as big as they look on the product page and are so small she cannot retain More >
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