Mystic Wand MassagerThe Mystic Wand Massager is a good cordless wand with rumbly vibration and a comfortable size/weight. Silicone where it matters, decent battery life, and variable intensity with multiple vibration patterns. Easy to use solo or during sex.

What We Really Liked

• Wireless with good battery life
• Lightweight and of comfortable size
• Powerful but not overpowering
• Simple to use

Physical Description

Silicone covered head of 1¾” diameter with black plastic body. Powered by 4 AA batteries in water resistant casing which makes cleaning easy, just don’t submerge it. Two buttons (on/off and mode control) and a pair of LED indicator lights make usage simple and easy, even for slippery hands and lusty brains. Additional pictures, including some indicating scale, can be found on the product’s property page on Eden Fantasys.

How To Use It

Power it on with one click and feel it rumble. Cycle through vibration intensity and patterns with the other button, one LED indicates power status, the other intensity. It’s not a silent vibe, though not too loud either. If noise is a concern for you then a little music would be enough cover.

Use a non-silicone lube (we recommend water based Liquid Silk) for best results, those ribs on the head make a fine texture for rubbing one out. The clit is an obvious target but the vibes feel good on other areas too, to include the frenulum on his dick. Play around together, that’s why they call it a toy. The size of this massager is convenient for use even during sex and is great for one of Dick’s favorites… in doggy position, she reaches underneath and holds it against his perineum (taint). Wowza. And no cord to wrangle!

Our Experience

We used this vibe for mutual masturbation play as well as during intercourse and it was great for both. It’s size and ease of use keep it from being a distraction during sex and it works well in many positions. Jane finds the vibrations to be of sufficient presence to bring orgasm easily, but not so intense that it rattles her bones or leaves her skin irritated like some more powerful massagers can.

Dick likes it too. Though for purposes of full disclosure, we should mention Dick likes just about anything that touches his dick in a sexual context. Add to it Jane’s playful experimentation and he was sold on the Mystic Wand right away. It hasn’t been done yet, but he swears he could come from just the vibes of this thing held in the right spot. Dick also likes it because it helps Jane enjoy herself more during sex, which makes his job easier. ;o)

Care And Cleaning

Soap and water cleanup should do it. The case is water resistant, don’t submerge the massager, but don’t get nervous getting it real wet either. We are told the silicone head cover comes off if you want to run it through the dishwasher or boil it but that would take a little extra muscle to remove and we didn’t do it.

The massager comes with a storage bag and we recommend using it, especially if you are storing the unit in a location with other silicone toys. Direct contact between silicone toys can damage them. To prolong battery life, we recommend storing the massager without the batteries in it, this is a rule of thumb for all toys which use alkaline batteries.

Other Items Of Note

Toys with rechargeable batteries are great and we feel good about not throwing batteries away. BUT… when you pull one out that has not been used for awhile and its battery is dead you’re looking at hours of charging before you can play. Sometimes (ok, always) that’s not very convenient. We like this massager because it takes 4 AA batteries. If the batteries are dead you can be back to ecstasy in minutes, not hours. The flexibility is appealing, if not entirely environmentally responsible.

Where To Buy

You can pick up a Mystic Wand Massager with confidence from Eden Fantasys.

Thank you to Eden Fantasys for providing this product at no cost in exchange for an honest review!