BrazilianTo assess the influence of the Internet’s propagation of pornography and it’s effect on popular culture one need look no further than their own nether region.

What does yours look like? Nicely trimmed? Hairless? If you said neither, if your bush is long enough to tangle (or braid), then you apparently don’t watch enough porn. Go do that now, we’ll wait.

Pornography is progressive… it drives Internet technology forward (think video streaming) and creates demand for broadband access. It also exposes huge populations of consumers to the baby smooth twats and cocks of its quickly crowned “stars”. We watch those highly groomed anomalies of sexual perfection get it on in the absence of any contradicting (more realistic) imagery. Our perception of “normal” gets skewed… and then we watch our own hairy selves have sex. Ick!

Jane and I each test drove custom flavors of modified Brazilians (ouch) but decided waxing to that extent wasn’t really worth the cost or discomfort. Not only that, but the stark margin created by my new artificial hairline looked completely unnatural, giving me what I thought was a very odd look. The problem with a male Brazillian (if waxing beyond just the balls) is where the heck do you stop? Because you have to stop somewhere!

Despite both the economic downturn and people’s natural aversion to pain, waxing salons are having a boon time. Brazilian waxing (both male and female) has become their mainstay as our culture grows more and more transfixed on its own genitals. Sometimes our attention can be so focused that we miss the larger picture.

Hairless is like Spandex, it just doesn’t look good on everyone. Jane and I recently witnessed firsthand a sample of sexually progressive people in their native (naked) attire. Of all the women of varying body types we saw, only one had any hint of pubic hair… everyone else was completely shaved or waxed. Ladies, if you are over 35 and over weight consider the benefits of [at least] a little decoration down there. It suits you. And if your O.B. went to the trouble of hiding your C-Section scar below your hairline trust his judgment and benefit from your body’s natural concealer.

Guys! If you are a human sweater and you create a Brazilian island of baldness encircling your manhood you look ridiculous. Trust me. You need a wider gaze on yourself with less focus on your junk. If you are overweight and a fat pad around the base of your dick creates a crease or fold then you need hair there! Removing said hair will expose the fold, giving the appearance of a seam between you and your package. It will be completely indistinguishable from a detachable penis to anyone more than 2 pool chairs away.

My advice is to groom but don’t go crazy. Trim, clip, wax where it’s needed, but don’t miss the bigger picture which includes age, body type, and overall hairiness. The big picture ALSO includes a sexy smile, sense of humor, and self confidence. You are so much more than your pubic hair, or lack thereof! Flaunt what matters.