Mountain RetreatIt was nearly dark when we arrived in a fog of light rain. The intimate resort was set snugly among Pine trees high on a hill overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s an area resplendent with wildlife… but that wasn’t the kind of wild life we were after.

We both bailed on work for a couple days, left the kids with Grandma, and retreated into romantic solitude where our time was our own. We do this sometimes, maybe once a year, and it is a refreshing way to reconnect. This time we had you to thank because our luxury getaway was paid in full by this website!

In gratitude I will spare you the sappy details. Our blog’s subtitle is not “One Loving Couple’s Love Blog” (though it could be)… how many yawning readers would that pull in? But I will confirm the obvious for you… yes, we had sex. Lots of it. We were casually naked for much of the time, including hanging out on the outdoor patio where we sat in the hot tub, sunned ourselves, and sought sexual release.

Pictures tell a better story than I ever could and, thankfully, I had both my camera and a wife willing to help me capture our time away together. My camera has become one of my favorite sex toys and you can see the [ever growing] results of my sexual self indulgence here in our HotPics blog which is currently Google’s #1 choice for Couples Erotica.

Jane wore out before it was over and waved me off on our last morning there. “Sore vagina” is not a condition relatable to the erect male organ, I’m not sure mine has that type of self-preservation feature built in. You can’t keep a good penis down and on that day mine was no exception. The patio was flooded with warm morning sun and I took the opportunity to seek relief while soaking in the rays. Jane, on the other hand, took the opportunity to grab my camera. Oh my.

Now to start saving for our next sexy adventure! Anyone who would like to see pictures of Jane naked in Tahiti should visit our store: One Sexy Couple’s Sex Toys  :o)