Looking Back 2011Jane and I have something new and fun slated to start in January, a short series that involves a lot more than just simple blogging… we’re excited about it and hope you’ll make a point to visit again in a few weeks to check out the first episode. That’s all I will say on the topic.

In the meantime, and to buy us a little time during the busy holiday, we’ve put together a year-end highlights reel. You know, like when TV shows produce a flashback episode because the filming budget ran out. What follows are our favorite moments and recommended reads from the past year, find your sexy favorites and leave comments to let us know how we’re doing.

Weekend Away SeriesWe took a little weekend trip but stayed here in the city. As is the case for any of our series, read from the bottom up!

Hot or Not Series – We had fun playing a little game with each other and were glad to share it with our readers. Be sure to vote for all your favorites!

Picked up a new sexy affiliationPornographic Love is a really hot new site featuring a committed couple like ourselves. We love their work and think you will too!

Introduced the Sex & Relationship Expert Panel – There are countless unqualified bloggers answering sex questions online, we know because we were two of them! Now we have some help from distinguished professionals in the field of Sex & Relationships. Ask your toughest questions… go ahead!

Unveiled our new Toy Store – This was a very exciting addition to our site, the Dick-n-Jane branded sex toy store! Whatever you want, whatever you need (lube refill?), consider our shop… it helps us keep the site running.

Top Sex Bloggers of 2011 – We were honored to make Rori Sweet’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers list again this year. We’ve climbed to #11 on the list and are thrilled to be alongside some really top notch sex blogs!

Sexiest Blogs of 2011Red Region Inferno’s Sexiest Blog list named us again as “One of the best all around personal style sex themed blogs online”. Wow, that’s quite a reputation to live up to… stay tuned while we do that and more!

Hit #1 “Couples Sex Blog” – All major Search Engines agree, Dick-n-Jane.com is the #1 most relevant “couples sex blog” on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This was a major SEO achievement for us.

Started another photo blog: Hotel Sex – As a side project, because Dick notices the background in porn as much as the lusty bodies, Hotel Sex catalogs what goes on behind closed hotel room doors.

Wrote some mild sexy humor – Dick’s tongue, it seems, is either exploring Jane’s folds or planted firmly in his cheek. Humor seasons this blog, check it out for yourself.

Added some sexy pics of ourselves – We’re getting a little looser with the camera and you can see it in our blog. Find pictures of us here on the sex blog and even more over in Hot Pics.

Happy Holidays to you, we hope you have a festive couple weeks and we’ll see you here again (for some brand new sexy fun) in 2012!