Her On TopWe are pleased to present the next episode in our [new and improved!] “Hot or Not Poll” series! We find these animated GIF’s while trolling Tumblr for the best couples erotica, if you want a little more back-story you should check out the first poll: Hot or Not Poll #1: Penis and Vagina.

Jane and I have been sharing GIF’s like this by Instant Message (and judging them as Hot or Not) while she works at night… hey, it kills time. Lucky for us, her night job is about to end and that implies and end to our little game. I still have a backlog stacked up so if you readers like this kind of post I could do a couple more before closing the series. Let me know in the comments if I should quit now! ;o)

I know you want to vote for ALL these sexy GIF’s, but try to limit yourself to five or six.
Click the pictures to see the animated GIF’s. Have fun!

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