Jane In Hammock

Jane kicks back on the beach

I was a virgin when Dick and I got married. I came from one of those God-fearing families who taught that sex was “dirty” and a sin outside of marriage. So, out of fear of God’s wrath, I saved myself for my wedding night. This is not something I would do if I had it to do over again and I will definitely not put the same fear into my own children.

My wedding night was good (Dick was a patient and loving husband), but I believe it could have been so much better if pain and fear of the unknown had not been a factor.

Consistent with tradition, what followed the wedding night was a week in paradise. As the honeymoon progressed sex became much more pleasurable for me and I really began to understand what the fuss was all about. All of this lead to one of my favorite sexual memories and, as Dick mentioned a few posts ago, happened outdoors.

Our honeymoon suite was one of a small group of thatch roof bungalows set on the sand of a beautiful tropical beach, each had a pair of hammocks on its front porch. We were young, sexy, tan, drunk on love, and couldn’t get enough of each other. I remember walking out onto the porch one morning to find Dick laying naked in one of the hammocks, he looked sexy as hell and I had to have him right then and there.

Wearing a short sun dress, I slipped off my panties, straddled Dick on his hammock, and fucked him with abandon. The warm tropical breeze, the salty sea air, the sound of the waves crashing into shore all served to heighten my pleasure. I remember it was the first time I felt sexually selfish, thinking of nothing but my own pleasure. It was liberating and incredible! Screw those God-fearing bible bangers…sex is fucking AMAZING!!!!