Double TroubleVersatility is the hallmark of the Double Trouble Harness (no longer available). Two openings in front accommodate both a dildo and a flesh-n-blood boner at the same time! For heterosexual couples like us, that means; he can give her the pleasure of double penetration, and she can reverse the typical anal taboo and fuck him in the ass! (There are also other uses for a harness like; fall-back for men with erectile dysfunction, and phallic play for lesbian partners, but I will not delve into those here since I have no particular experience)

There are three different sized rubber rings to hold your dildo in place, giving you some flexibility of choice. It’s leather… we like that! The straps are easy to adjust and stay put… we like that too! In fact, once adjusted we found the fit comfortable and snug without much play to it.

Dick Says: I put my cock and balls through the lower opening so it fit around the base of my dick like a cock ring would. I generally use a fairly large cock ring and this hole was big enough to accommodate me. After some use, the leather at the top of the hole began to irritate (dig into) my shaft a little… but not so much that it distracted me. Mechanically, trying to penetrate Jane with two dicks at the same time (one which was numb ;o) proved to be a bit of a challenge at first but she helped me work my way in. The gap separating my two dicks was a tad more than the distance between Jane’s vagina and ass. This was most evident when trying to thrust deeply, which kept penetration on the shallow side.

Jane Says: I did not find anything to be uncomfortable what-so-ever, and could easily wear this harness for an extended period of time. It was easy to use, easy to put on and take off and made fucking Dick a pleasurable and empowering experience. Leather can’t be laundered but we found cleanup with mild soap and a damp washcloth very easy. Leather is a porous material and difficult to sanitize (though we’ve heard sunshine works well) but Jane and I are a fluid bonded, monogamous couple so this characteristic of leather does not concern us.

We looked long and hard (no pun intended) for a double harness like this one, with the versatility to be used by man or woman, and are very happy with the Double Trouble Harness.