I’ve been shaving my pussy years now, but Im still not completely happy with the results. The shave is never close enough (I always feel like a cat being rubbed the wrong way), and I constantly get ugly ingrown hairs. How can I get that smooth, comfortable, and sexy shave that both I and my husband desire?

– Kate

Jane of Dick-n-Jane.com (degreed Nursing professional)

Dear Kate,
I too have struggled with the same issue and have since given up on the idea of having a smoothly shaved pussy. I came to the conclusion that it is just not meant to be shaved, having tried everything from waxing to regular and electric razors, Nare, epillators etc. with the same undesirable effects. I have also tried several different products promising to eliminate/prevent ingrown hairs with disappointing results.I now believe it is more prudent to keep the mons cut short and only the labia shaved smooth. The thinner, softer hair on the labia lends itself to be shaved smoothly without the undesirable side effects. I accomplish this by cutting the hairs short with clippers (if needed) followed by a dry shave with Baby Powder using an electric razor like Body Bare or Clean Cut Personal Shaver for the smooth, soft, no hair feel. I have found this to be oh so much more sexy than unsightly ingrown hairs and scratchy stubble burn. Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but there it is. Hope that helps.

Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com (layman with a website)

I agree with Jane on this one, a well groomed triangle with hairless labia is the perfect sexy combo! She is more comfortable this way than with a complete shave and she looks healthier without the bumps.On a side note, I use the Clean Cut Personal Shaver on my balls and it works great, I recommend it highly. It requires a dry shave… use a little talc or baby powder and be confident of no cuts or nicks.