Passionate LoversThe kids just can’t go to bed early enough these days. Jane and I are in a sexual upswing right now; one that has expanded our old routines, lead to the purchase of great new toys, and spawned the idea of this site. The only negative part of the whole experience is the annoying bruise on my arm where I keep pinching myself to wake up.

Our sex session last night included; deep can’t-get-enough kissing, porn in the background with lusty beautiful people, the Liberator Ramp, pussy shaved clean, a vibrator, anal toys, oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex. It lasted hours and was incredible! I’m telling you, that bruise on my arm is really getting sore!

My marriage to Jane is just like most others I think, cycling through ups and downs that sometimes are extreme at either end. The low points generally find us at an uncomfortable emotional distance, sex is diminished in both frequency and intensity, and intimacy takes a nose dive. It seems like a “chicken or the egg” type problem… which comes first, the emotional distance or the lack of intimacy?

In our current up cycle we’ve been talking a lot about sex and love, referring each other to sexually oriented podcasts, and shopping together for fun toys to use alone or with each other. This all tends to get us very hot, leads to great sex, and ultimately leaves us feeling closer and more in love. The connection between satisfying sex and a deep emotional bond cannot be denied, one seems to lead to the other. We both hope to maintain this upswing as long as possible and think might serve us well in that regard.