Really love your site, me and my wife find alot of similarities with y’all, I would like to get some recommendations for male prostate toys to use with my wife and for solo, we’ve always just used hands and was looking for some things to use to free up her hands to be used other ways! Lol been trying to talk her into a strap on but she’s not yet comfortable with the idea of taking what she says is a masculine role (the thrusting aspect), so I was wondering what yall have found to be the best products?? Your input would be greatly appreciated, I have purchased the euphoria prostate massager from your site and it works ok but was looking for something more.

Anyway thanks again for your time,


Dick of
(layman with a website)
Hi Morgan – thank you for contacting us through our site, we love to hear from our readers, we also love that you are a shopper in our store! The support that offers us is greatly appreciated!If you want hand-free prostate stimulation then you’re off to a good start with the Euphoria Prostate Massager, which borrows its design heavily from the more pricey Aneros line. This type of tool is great for initial exploration, self play, and can even be worn during sex (all hands-free). But I hear you loud and clear when you say you want something a little more, consider the following 3 products (all from within the same vein):

Aneros Progasm – With a wider body it has less internal play but is capable of better sustained pressure against the prostate. Better yet, its fore and aft arms act like anchor points so when you tilt your pelvis forward and backward (think thrusting with the hips) it rocks forward and backward internally. This extra control can give your anal and PC muscles a rest without neglecting your prostate. Wear it during sex and you’re in for a thrill ride.

Aneros Vice – Similar to the Progasm but with the added sensation of vibration patterns. The vibration feature adds a bit to the overall price but can be a very appealing option to add variety when desired.

Njoy Pfun Plug – This is a prostate massager with attitude. It is heavy (made of solid stainless steel) and has an aggressive angle that really tells your prostate who’s boss. If you were ever in doubt about where your prostate was or what pressure on the prostate felt like, slip this toy in and it will remove all mystery. However, because of its weight; it will fall out if you stand up, it will turn to the side or roll all the way over if you lay on your back, and will generally not stay put (like during sex) unless you keep a hand on it. Lay on your belly for a solo session though… wow. Or have your partner grab the external ring and turn it slowly (oscillating) like a key in a lock… heaven. (my review)

For me, every prostate massager I’ve tried has one annoying trait in common… if worn during sex, it exits promptly during my orgasm. I find this to be distracting since I generally prefer to remove anal toys in a more controlled (and sanitary) manner. For this reason, I prefer to use another category of toy during sex… a butt plug. It takes a decent sized plug to do the trick and the extra size is also assurance that it won’t come out before you want it to. I recommend two plugs for this, each is angled like a prostate massager and that really helps.

Love Pacifier – On the affordable side due to its material (rubber) and really does the trick. The 1.5 inch diameter head will require you warm up a bit before insertion but once in, you’ll find the size to be quite nice. Its effect on the prostate is quite noticeable and I blogged about my experience with this toy, find that entry here: Was It Good For Me?

Njoy Pure Plug – The large Pure Plug is about the same size as the Love Pacifier above (I don’t recommend the smaller sizes). What you get from the Pure Plug for your extra money is solid stainless steel with a beautiful shine that slips in easily with just a touch of lube. It is heavy, thermally stable (good for temperature play), and stays put whether you are standing, walking, or actively thrusting. If you try the Love Pacifier and like it I would highly recommend an upgrade to the large Njoy Pure Plug… put it on your wish list and see what happens when your next birthday rolls around.

I know you didn’t really ask me about strap on sex, but I’ll offer some free advice anyway (for what it’s worth). Jane wasn’t really into the idea, I had a harness for more than a year before she even tried it on, but she eventually agreed because she loves me and she knew I wanted to try. Her experience was a surprise to her because she really liked it, much of that had to do with her satisfaction in pleasing me. We each wrote about our first pegging experience, you can find those entries here: Dick Said, Jane Said.

The act of pegging does not need to be a full roll reversal and does not require your wife to be the active, thrusting party. She can still be the “bottom” while you do the work in the roll of “top” (like in this picture). This could be a good way to start and she might change her mind about her part in the whole thing after a couple sessions of seeing your response.

In my experience, pegging introduces much more to a relationship than simple physical exchange. Charlie Glickman’s post on this topic makes some very good points and is worth a read.

Good luck seeking out what works best for you, your prostate, and your wife Morgan. Thanks for trusting us enough to ask for our advice, we are more than happy to share.