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We love to get your questions! Time does not allow us, or the panel, to answer everyone (sadly) but be assured we read ALL questions submitted to us and thoroughly enjoy hearing from our readers. If your inquiry is on a topic not already discussed, and we feel it would benefit other readers as well, it will likely get published along with answers from our experts.

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Dick and Jane are not therapists, doctors, or spiritual leaders… but we’ve been through the joys and struggles of marriage and may have useful or entertaining advice to share. To bring a broader perspective, guest advisers of various background and degree may contribute. You have no obligation to follow any advice given here and assume all responsibility for your own actions.

All questions, panelist responses, and reader comments are moderated by Dick and Jane. That said, there is no one moderating us… so you get what you get, no complaining! ;o)

  • Meet the Experts

    Dr. Charlie Glickman PhD

    Dr. Charlie Glickman PhD

    Charlie Glickman PhD is a sexuality speaker, trainer, writer, blogger, and coach. He’s certified by the American Association o...
    Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson

    Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson

    Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson ( / ) have won numerous awards for their...
    Cassie Wolfe

    Cassie Wolfe

    Cassie Wolfe LSW, MEd believes in rockin’ sex-u-cation! With over 10 years of sexpertise in sex ed, from being a teen editorial b...
    Dr. Lanae St.John DHS

    Dr. Lanae St.John DHS

    Dr.Lanae St.John DHS is a San Francisco Bay Area Sexy Mamas Blogger, Board Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator . Her work...

    Dr. Antoinette Izzo

    Dr. Antoinette Izzo D.H.S., M.A. is a professional sexuality educator, counselor, and coach specializing in the integration...

    Dr. Chelsea Holland

    Dr. Chelsea Holland is a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) based in Colorado. She is a sex educator, sex counselor and writer....

    Dr. Justine Marie Shuey

    Dr. Justine Marie Shuey is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Board Certified Sexologist with her Doctorate in Human...
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