Winter BluesInevitably, winter + children = illness… sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, coughing, fevers (I’m beginning to sound like a Nyquil commercial) which all has a tendency to wreak havoc on a parent’s sex life; probably not too difficult to see why. But worse yet (on said sex life) is when the bug bomb gets the best of one of the parents; which has been our reality this week..Dick has not been well.

So what is a horny wife to do with her sexual energy when her Dick is out of commission? Well… masturbate of course! This got me thinking about 2 things: masturbation in general and masturbation as a substitute when sex is not an option. I have been masturbating for a very long time (a topic for another blog). It is a great release when one is horny but a partner is unavailable for whatever reason. But I’m not sure it would be a good long term substitute (for me anyway).

Yesterday, thankfully and finally after about a week of feeling like crap, Dick says to me…”I think I’m starting to feel better”. “Why is that?” I asked. “Because I feel ‘horny’ creeping back in”. Hooray!

Now, while I do enjoy masturbation, after a while I really start to crave Dick in a way that a dildo or vibrator just can’t satiate. I think it’s the heat, the closeness, the skin on skin contact, the weight of him on top of me, the feel of him inside me, his hands grabbing, touching caressing, the sights, the sounds, the pheromones. Those things, for me, are something that just can’t be replaced. Yes, I can give myself some pretty amazing orgasms, but there is SO much more to sex with another person that is SO much more satisfying, especially when you are deeply in love with that person.

I missed you Dick. Glad you’re feeling better.