Have u done a product review on geisha or ben wa balls? I have read many reviews, seems lots of people have a love or not worth it review. I’m hoping to increase inner strength, thus bringing on orgasms that hard to home by! Grrr… – Jenni

Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com
(layman with a website)
We have not reviewed Geisha or Ben Wa balls, sorry. However… Jane has these ben wa balls, I bought them for her years ago. They are not as big as they look on the product page and are so small she cannot retain them at all. She also has the Fun Factory Smart Balls but hasn’t found much use for them.Kegel exercises can help you with PC muscle strength, but I’m sure I’m telling you what you already know. It can be satisfying to have something to clamp down on but a vaginal insert is not necessary. Men can (and do) Kegels too… me for instance. My biggest challenge is remembering to do them, but there is an app for that!

Good luck with your exercises Jenni! Come back and let us know what works for you.