Room ServiceWe were in our favorite position and I was actively thrusting balls deep into a gasping Jane when there was a knock at the door followed by a muffled voice from the hallway… “Room Service“.

When your job is to deliver food and drinks into the guest rooms of consenting adults you can never be sure what might greet you when the lock clicks and the door swings open. That morning it was me, a disheveled man in a hotel bathrobe with an obvious hard-on threatening to part his robe like a show’s headliner stepping out through the curtain. It’s not the kind of tip he was there for. As any pizza delivery guy will tell you, it’s better when she gets the door.

Room Service was a bit earlier than Jane or I had expected, I waved him in and pointed him to the sitting room. The night before was a fun one and we hadn’t really cleaned up. There was an empty wine bottle and dirty glasses but what caught my eye immediately was his careful step over Jane’s leopard print thong panties on the floor.

Regrettably, he passed up open space on the desk and aimed the breakfast filled tray toward the coffee table which was strewn with playing cards depicting sexual acts. Space was limited on the coffee table so he used the side of the food tray to awkwardly slide my bulky steel cock ring out of the way.

Are they taking good care of you up here?” he asked me three times without ever hearing my answer. He was obviously uncomfortable with the transaction and left quickly as soon as the receipt was signed. I’m sure he expected a gratuity but not anything quite so gratuitous.

We were not embarrassed by the unexpectedly early intrusion but I think he sure was. Hopefully, it gave him a good story to tell… everyone loves a good story.