Dick and Jane at the Window

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It takes batteries but it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t penetrate anything and I can’t stick my dick in it, but I have an unlikely new toy that is climbing the ranks on my short list of favorite sex toys. My camera.

Jane and I escaped family life for a sexy weekend away, we weren’t far from home mileage-wise but we got there on our bikes, so the 15 miles was enough to create a sense of isolation from home. We relied on our feet to take us out to eat and to shop, the slower pace was a refreshing break.

Everything we had with us was carried on our backs or in panniers on my bike, so we traveled light and packed only the essentials… which included:

Cialis (not that I need it!)

Okay, maybe we over packed but you never know what you might want in the throws of passion! Most of this stuff got good use but the one item I carried along which brought home the most memories was my camera. It’s not a high quality piece of equipment but it does the trick… which are characteristics true of most sex toys on the market.

Jane and I are fairly new to the whole naked sex picture thing… the presence of the camera can still be a distraction and we’re somewhere in the “you’re not going to post that online, are you?” phase. Despite that, you can find a few pictures of us here on the sex blog and even more over in Hot Pics (though there is a bit of an overlap). Check us out, comment, share, reblog, whatever… just be kind, we’re entering a new space and we’re doing it naked!