Wake Up Call

good morning dear

Jane rises early on Sunday mornings (4:30 a.m.) for work, which precludes staying up late on Saturday nights. A few Saturdays ago we were in bed at a respectable hour; she was already sleeping, and I was wearing headphones watching Battlestar Gallactica. Though Jane was right next to me, she felt very distant (that can happen when you’re running from the Cylons).

I would not see her in the morning and she’d be gone all the next day, I began to miss her. So I grabbed my iPhone off the night stand and sent an Instant Message to the computer in the kitchen downstairs, it said… “When you say goodbye to me in the morning, reach a hand down under the covers and use two or three fingers to draw long, soft strokes from beneath my balls all the way up to the tip of my dick.”

The next day I woke up to Jane’s loving touch. It was a relaxed and sleepy experience and her gentle caress was nothing less than the perfect way to be pulled away from my dreams. Very quickly, I had one of those rock-hard and throbbing morning erections, the kind that won’t be denied and won’t let you pee. She kissed me, said goodbye, and left the room. She had a hard time leaving… her hesitation was obvious.

Since that morning, I wake up every Sunday to the same wonderful surprise. It is a brief but intimate exchange that leaves us aching for each other all day.