Cum On Her BellyThe other day Dick and I were having a conversation about sexual triggers; what gets you in the mood and triggers the spark that leads to horniness. I got to thinking about it and realized what almost always does it for me is giving pleasure to Dick.

I’ve told Dick many a time that just because I’m not in the mood for PIV (Penis In Vagina) doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give him pleasure. I’m almost always willing, all he has to do is ask. Sometimes this takes the form of a hand job, a sensual prostate massage, or a porn star blow job.

The other day it was a genital massage guided by Jaiya’s Red Hot Touch Genital Massage for Men DVD (which by the way was a very sensual and intimate experience). I almost always find myself dripping with arousal by the time Dick is spilling the gravy. Something about giving him such pleasure is extremely pleasurable for me.

Recently I’ve developed a certain fondness for watching the actual act of ejaculation. I don’t know what that’s about. I discovered that I find it very pleasurable when Dick pulls out early and comes on me…my chest, my belly, my pussy. There is something highly erotic about that for me.

Right now, it is early on a Saturday morning and the house is quiet. Nobody is awake except me and the cats… and suddenly I have the need to go arouse my Dick.