Hand JobI decided to finally start writing in my blog. Dick started last summer but stopped he says because he was alone in blogging, well here I go. I think the reason he stopped may also have something to do with the fact that our sex life has not been quite as dynamic as it was over the summer. That seems to happen. I have the summers off and thus have much more freedom and less stress in the summer which makes for better sex; a fact that I hope to change…although, sadly, not this week.

Dick and I have been battling the “yeasties”. I HATE the “yeasties”. I have periods of abnormal hormonal fluctuations which have a tendency to cause yeast infections, then I give it to Dick and sometimes he fails to treat it properly and then winds up giving it back to me and a cycle emerges. Right now Dick is in the midst of treatment and we must therefore abstain from vaginal intercourse until said treatment is complete, not only because he could give it to me again, but because the treatment seems to be a bit uncomfortable for Dick’s, well…dick. I’m finding this exceedingly difficult! It’s funny how much you want something when you can’t have it! We tried other “outlets” over the weekend which proved to leave me wanting Dick’s dick even more and him in physical pain. A sad state of affairs. However; some good did come of the experience. We discovered something new and fun!

I recently listened to a podcast featuring a female escort. She had tips to give about what men want. I found it very interesting! One thing she said that stuck with me was how often men wanted to just look at her vulva. Men find this highly arousing and yet women aren’t too keen on sticking it out there for their man to gawk at. Having something arousing to look at can increase pleasure immensely. So I ran with it. In the midst of giving Dick a hand job, I turned around straddling him and positioned my vulva directly in front of his face. This gave him a great view and perfect access to finger my ass. I found this to be very arousing and we both came hard. I also loved the “shower” of cum on my chest!