It’s hard to imagine anyone reading this who doesn’t already know about, or own, the [formerly Hitachi branded] Original Magic Wand. They have been available commercially in mainstream markets since 1968 and are seemingly ubiquitous in porn. I have labeled ours a Powerful Orgasm Extractor because it does the trick for Jane every single time and quickly too! Of course, it’s a bit powerful and can overwhelm the senses… which is why I hacked the power supply to create better control.

The Original Magic Wand is so thoroughly intense that its vibrations will travel all the way through your body and out the other side. During sex, if the ball end is held firmly against my perineum (behind my balls, between my legs) it turns my dick into a vibrator. Or if Jane holds it in front, against her pelvic bone, I get treated to a vibrating vagina. I’ve been known to use it on my own too, it’s not just for the ladies!

It’s good for sore backs too, but enough about that.

Why are there only 2 settings; low and high? Since 1968 no one at Hitachi thought (or was told) that more settings would be better? Like some dark, communist disregard for consumer desire or market forces. “It’s good enough!” they must have said. “If they don’t like it, let them walk around with sore muscles!”. Tone deaf.

To fill the gap in consumer demand, some companies over engineered a solution and brought Speed Controllers to market specifically branded for use with the Magic Wand. They have switches and dials and sit at the other end of the Magic Wand’s cord, away from where the action is, and they can cost about half as much as the Magic Wand itself. No, sorry.

Hitachi Magic Wand Hack

On-Cord Lamp Dimmer

If you want an inexpensive, really easy solution that is highly effective then look no further than your local hardware store. Sold out in the open (just like the Magic Wand “Muscle Massager” *wink*) are dimmers made to work with standard everyday lamps. There are 2 basic kinds; plug-in dimmers and on-cord dimmers. I chose the latter to keep control near the operational end. It required I cut the cord though… and that was a moment of deep reflection on how bad we really needed this hack! It worked out just fine.

We now have great control over the intensity of our Magic Wand’s vibration; slow to start and high gear when the squirming starts. This also reduces the occurrence of itchy and/or numb skin which can be a problem after normal use at the manufacturer assigned speeds. Clip the cord on those short sighted speed mandates and take control! Regrets, you’ll have but none.