The Orion

The Orion is a hand crafted, double ended, Stainless Steel tool designed for solo use as a G-Spot toy. Its versatility, however, is immediately apparent in its dual-sided shape which lends itself well to other uses by both women and men.

What We Really Liked

• Stainless Steel Material
• Multipurpose Features
• No Batteries, Lasts Forever

Physical Description
Crafted of solid Stainless Steel, the total length of The Orion is 9.5″ and it weighs 12 ounces. A 45° degree curvature at one end leads to a single bulb shape with a 1″ diameter (the tool’s widest point). The other end has a series of 7 bulbs in tight succession, their size ranges from 0.5″ to 0.94″. The density of this tool, along with its highly polished finish, make it a pleasure to handle.
Care and Cleaning
The high polish on this tool makes it susceptible to scratching, care should be taken to avoid contact with hard materials which include jewelry (like rings) and bathroom faucets. Scratches in steel toys can produce micro-abrasions in delicate tissue, which could then introduce bacteria to the bloodstream. It’s a low risk and is easily avoided with proper care.
If you do not have concerns about disease transmission, simple soap and water cleanup is sufficient. Stainless Steel also lends itself well to all manner of sanitizing including alcohol, dishwashers, and boiling. Just be mindful of physical insult to the toy (i.e. bumping against the side of a boiling pot) which could scratch the finish.
Our Experience
We both really like Stainless Steel toys in large part due to the material’s thermal density. Warm it up or cool it down, toys of steel hold their temperature very well which is good for temperature play. A polished finish makes steel very slick with just a little lube, it is durable, cleans easily, and never disappoints.
The Orion’s longer, more bumpy side makes an exceptional anal toy which Dick used on Jane while performing oral sex. Like anal beads but far better, a slow insertion and removal provides exquisite anal sensation, this lead to a very intense orgasm for Jane. Dick is anxiously awaiting his turn for the same oral/anal treatment, he admits to having a bit of lust for this toy.
The shorter side with the single bulb (the largest diameter) has a very clear purpose to provide focused pressure on the G-Spot and it does this very well for both solo use and partner play. The toy’s angle makes it easy, though if you get lube on the “handle” side the job get a bit tougher. If you’re goal is to squirt (or learn to) The Orion is an excellent choice!
We would be remiss if we failed to also mention the P-Spot (prostate) application of this tool as well. Just like use on the G-Spot, The Orion’s angle is great for both solo and partner use. It is solid, unyielding, and provides pressure of fantastic quality which is easily manipulated with a hand. Do it for your health and/or do it because it feels incredible, but with this tool in your ass a great blended orgasm is almost assured.
Other Items of Note
Each Orion is hand crafted on a Lathe by Boris (of Boris & Doris) and shipped in a Muslin (cotton) storage bag. We really appreciate the personal feel of their small business venture and it contributes to our affection for their products. Doris is also a seamstress and makes deluxe storage bags which can be purchased separately.
Should your Stainless Steel toy become damaged (like scratched) Boris with repair it for you once at no cost. This is an excellent offer of support and reflects the very personal nature of their business. For this, and other reasons, we recommend The Orion (and their other Stainless Steel Sex Toys) very highly.

Thank you to Boris & Doris for providing this product to us at no cost in exchange for an honest review!