EroscillatorJANE SAYS: Quite possibly (in my humble opinion) the best “vibrator” created to date; and by far my favorite clitoral stimulator.  It seems to me that when a product is advertised it has a tendency to toot it’s own horn and as a consumer you don’t always have the same results. Not so for the Eroscillator, it delivers exactly as promised. It is “whisper quiet”, has an “easily accessible power switch”, “delivers an intense orgasm through powerful yet gentle stimulation” each and every time. It never fails.

It’s lightweight, not too big, not awkward, easily used during intercourse in just about any position, easy to clean, travels well. I like that it is a plug in device (no batteries required) which makes it reliable and it has a super long (12 feet) cord so you don’t have to worry about running out of cord if you move around a lot.

As promised, and unlike other vibrators, it does not have a numbing effect ever, no matter how long or how often you use it. I have owned my Eroscillator for a few years now and think it has actually made my clitoris more sensitive to gentle stimulation. I could not say that for any other vibrator I have ever tried.

There are 3 settings, but the only time I have ever used the 2 higher settings was when I was trying it out in the beginning. The lowest setting is always effective and amazing.

I own 4 of the attachments. My favorite is actually the one that comes with it, but I do occasionally like to use the “ultra soft finger tip” attachment as well. I call it the marshmallow.

I have 2 “complaints”: the first is that sometimes the orgasm comes too quickly, but then I have a tendency to be quick to orgasm anyway, so probably for most people this would be a plus. Second, it doesn’t work if you lay on it. Unlike other vibrators, it stops oscillating if too much pressure is put on it. So for instance I like to lay on my belly and be entered from behind and sometimes it’s nice to have some vibrating hands free clitoral stimulation at the same time, which is really not possible with the Eroscillator. I hate to end on the negative though. By far this is a superior and supreme vibrator.

If (as a woman) you could only purchase one sex toy this would be my recommendation, hands down!

DICK SAYS: Definitely a toy for her.  The only place it does anything for me is on my frenulum… it will get me hard (not a tough task) but that’s about it.  I’ve heard you can buy attachments meant for the prostate but I’m not sure my prostate would appreciate that sort of attention.

You can tell by the way she goes on and on about it, Jane loves her Eroscillator and that’s enough. She uses it when I’m not around and she uses it when we’re fucking.  During sex, the Eroscillator does its job and stays out of the way… which makes it a winner with me.  Get one of these for the lady in your life and she’ll be gushing with appreciation for years to come.