Naked GiftI just celebrated another birthday, it was a fun weekend with the kids and I got some nice gifts… but tucked into a birthday card from Jane was a note for my eyes only. She has planned a weekend getaway for the two of us, no kids, no distractions, just us.

Before you assume it will be a weekend yawner of handheld walks, meaningful talks, and romantic embraces… you should take notice that it was MY birthday! Sure, there will be those warm and fuzzy things but the rest of Jane’s note said she’d be packing her “Fuck You in the Ass Boots“. She really knows how to deliver!

The boots are more than just boots, they are shorthand for a whole package that includes; lingerie, a strap-on, and a sexy persona that leaves me breathless (and gasping). It’s a side of Jane I see far too infrequently and she’s now mine for an entire, uninterrupted weekend of sexy fun.

Jane is the best birthday gift because she is what I want more than anything; her time, her attention, her desire, her shaved pussy… and her boots, her sexy fucking boots. Wish me luck, I’ll fill you in later!