The Good Doctor

Man’s New Best Friend

I have decided that my doctor is a man of rare brilliance, one whose advice and guidance I shall follow like scripture until the end of days.

“Mild Prostatitus”, he said. “This is why you are experiencing a little discomfort. It will clear up on its own and more frequent ejaculation is good prevention.”

He also observed that I have a weak inguinal ring, which makes me susceptible to getting a hernia. There’s nothing I can do about that… the condition is congenital (my Dad has the same problem) and the ligementous ring cannot be strengthened.

“You should avoid exercise which might strain your inguinal canal and result in painful herniation”, he said.

I listened carefully and at the end of the exam he asked if I had any questions. I said, “So let me get this straight, Doc… because I want to make sure I convey the right information to my wife. Your advice is that I exercise less and ejaculate more. Right?”

He laughed. “Should I write you a note?”