Tantus Ryder

Physical Description

The Tantus Ryder is soft silicone anal plug, 3¾” insertable length, 1½” diameter. Designed to slide in easily and narrow neck prevents it from slipping out while you reach orgasm.


The Ryder is made of 100% medical grade silicone, is flexible, hypoallergenic, and warms to the body.


Inserts fairly easily with non-silicone based lube. I found the size to be larger than I expected and need a little warm up to accommodate its girth.  Once in, the plug provides a pleasant, full feeling, stays put, and the flared base fits comfortably between the cheeks.


Plug is boilable, bleachable in a 10% solution, and dishwasher safe.

Our Experience

The Ryder is exactly what I want in a butt plug; comfortable going in and out, stays put, filling, and easy to clean. Extended wear (more than about an hour) can result in some discomfort between the cheeks where the rectangular base contacts your sensitive parts. This seems to be common for many butt plugs and is easily forgiven in light of the Ryder’s many desirable qualities.

When I (Dick) wore the Ryder during sex with Jane the feeling of fullness, and the added rhythmic pressure against my prostate during pelvic driven thrusting, was great! I had an incredible orgasm, much more intense than I have without the plug in.

When Jane wore the Ryder during vaginal sex she also experienced a greater sense of fullness, had an enhanced orgasm, and I benefited from a noticeably tighter ride.

Overall, we give the Ryder high marks and expect to use it again and again.