B-BombThe Tantus B-Bomb is a medium sized anal plug good for use by anyone from novice to expert in anal play. Made of soft silicone, it is semi-rigid and forgiving to your body but still firm enough to make insertion very easy. Its shape is both considerate to your anus and filling for your rectum.

What I Really Liked

• Made of body safe soft silicone
• Comfortable insertion, filling shape
• Easy to clean

Physical Description

The B-Bomb is made of soft silicone with tapered tip, insertable length is 3¼”, widest diameter is 1¼”, neck diameter is ⅞”. Unit includes a waterproof, watch battery powered, vibrator that inserts into the base of the plug. Vibrating bullet has single speed on/off capability.


B-Bomb is a plug which is inserted anally and can be retained with muscular control. The base has a gentle slope which is comfortable for your butt cheeks, permitting you to sit with the unit inserted without undue discomfort. Battery powered, water proof bullet slides into base (with a little lube) and delivers vibration throughout the silicone plug.

Care and Cleaning

Silicone material necessitates non-silicone lube (water based is recommended) and cleanup is easy with warm soap and water though it is also dishwasher safe, boilable, and bleachable. Store out of direct contact with other silicone toys.

My Experience

Insertion is as easy and comfortable as you could expect from a medium sized plug. It is very nice for brief or extended wear while sitting, though I found it difficult to keep in while standing or walking. During sex I was unable to retain this plug without assistance from a hand; partly due to the relatively similar diameter of neck and body, partly due to sloped sides of the flared base.

B-BombVibration from the waterproof bullet is high intensity buzz and is either on or off. The silicone material transfers the physical vibration well while at the same time dampening the intensity. Sitting on the plug with the vibe in place will activate the power button. I find the extra stimulation from the bullet pleasant but have used it sparingly. There is no obvious prostatic pleasure for me from this plug, its benefit is derived from simple anal and rectal displacement… which can be very enjoyable.

This is a well made silicone butt plug capable of delivering great pleasure. Don’t expect the B-Bomb by Tantus to stay in on its own without focused anal retention or external physical help. It is an ideal size for those that appreciate a filling feeling, and is the best shape for insertion and removal I have experienced to date.