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Jane In Hammock

Fear Nothing (Jane)


Jane kicks back on the beach

I was a virgin when Dick and I got married. I came from one of those God-fearing families who taught that sex was “dirty” and a sin outside of marriage. So, out of fear of God’s wrath, I saved myself for my wedding night. This is not something I would do if I had it to do over again and I will definitely not put the same fear into my own children.

My wedding night was good (Dick was a patient and loving husband), but I believe it could have been so much better if More >

Wedding Day

Sexy Surprises (Dick)


We were driving from our wedding to the reception in a classic red convertible with the top down. Decked out in tuxedo and gown, we drew attention. Jane chose that moment to pull her dress up and show me a little surprise.

She was a 21 year old virgin, 115 pounds, fit, tan, in makeup looking gorgeous, long hair floating in the breeze, a devious sexy look on her face, and wearing no underwear. There, in public, lit by the mid-day summer sun, she revealed her sexually charged secret… a glistening More >

Female Orgasm

I Married An Orgasmic Woman! (Dick)


Jane and I did not have sex (intercourse specifically) until our wedding night. Being 24 and 20, and horny 24/7, we did just about everything else however.

Like for most other men in America, my virginity was never a point of virtue and so I gladly waved farewell to it long before I met Jane. My dating experiences were mixed but I learned that vaginal intercourse was nearly always a better way to get me off than her. It just seemed so much like work sometimes; getting the angle right to support More >

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