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Hitachi Magic Wand Hack

TIP: Magic Trick – Hack the Wand (Dick)


The Original Magic Wand

It’s hard to imagine anyone reading this who doesn’t already know about, or own, the [formerly Hitachi branded] Original Magic Wand. They have been available commercially in mainstream markets since 1968 and are seemingly ubiquitous in porn. I have labeled ours a Powerful Orgasm Extractor because it does the trick for Jane every single time and quickly too! Of course, it’s a bit powerful and can overwhelm the senses… which is why I hacked the power supply to create More >


How To Size A Rigid Cock Ring (Dick)


If you have never used a cock ring, or don’t know why someone would, we addressed related questions in our post How Do Cock Rings Work? and I can tell you from experience they are a great accessory for any man (and couple!) to own and use: A Solid Investment.

There are a variety of cock ring types available and a good primer on the basics can be found on the Sex Is Fun website. Buying the right size ring is important, especially if it is a rigid ring made of something like steel or aluminum. I More >

The Naked Hug

The Naked Hug (Dick)


We practice an astonishingly simple strategy to maintain an intimate connection amid the challenges and distractions of the lives we lead together and apart. Naked hugs.

Simple, intuitive, obvious even, but far too many of us overlook the most basic solutions to our greatest needs. To love, to feel love, and to feel the support of an intimately connected partner is a foundation upon which a rich and rewarding life can be built.

Skin (our largest organ) gives us an invaluable communications More >

Couple In Bed

Thirteen Is Our Get Lucky Number


We’ve had sex every day in 2013! If today were January 3rd you might just roll your eyes at that statement… but note this post is dated February 3rd. Now we’re talking!

Three years ago, Dick wrote about The 30 Day Sex Challenge, an exercise for couples to reconnect and find creative ways to work sex back into their routines. At the time, we had tried and failed the challenge twice and we didn’t make it through that last round either. We don’t remember why… it is just more difficult than we More >

Nine Orgasms

Nine Was The Magic Number (Dick)


The duration of men’s sexual response is limited by orgasmic exhaustion; one, two, three, or four in a single night and we’ve had it… there are limits to a male’s physiological capacity to reach orgasm without sufficient rest in between.

Women, on the other hand, seem limited only by physical exhaustion; one orgasm is a warm up, two is getting there, and three is a decent night.

The height of sexual arousal in women is sustainable and, for many, orgasm is as much a driver of further arousal as More >

Hand Job Techniques for Him

Hand Job Techniques: Part One – Basic Skills For Him


We are turning up the heat here at with a revealing new series of videos intended to demonstrate some basic skills for pleasing your partner.

Handjobs were chosen for this series because we believe the hands’ versatility make them an exceptional sex tool capable of producing the most intense physical sexual response.

First up… six simple handjob strokes to leave him breathless and begging for more. If you see something new here, try adding it to your routine. If these More >

Hold Her Down and Fuck Her

The Control Paradox (Dick)


I have a T-Shirt that says, “I’M THE BOSS!” with subtext that reads, “my wife said I could be“. You’ll never guess who gave me that shirt.

Woody Allen said, “In my house I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker”.

Tag line from The Man Song says, “I’m the king of my castle, when you’re not around”.

The sentiment of these emasculating statements is not a blanket truth in the Dick-n-Jane house, but it is true often enough that I find these lines completely hilarious. Jane has some dominant More >

Female Pelvis

Good Vibrations, Great Idea (Dick)


My good idea didn’t work out like I had hoped… but it’s still a good fucking idea (“fucking” is used here as a verb, not an adjective). The problem was not with the creativity of my plan nor the result of a botched implementation… it was an equipment issue and, once again, I have begun to desire a toy that does not exist.

Last year I discovered the ultimate vibrating vagina toy for me; it’s soft, made of body safe material, has the perfect amount of squeeze, is warm to the touch, and even More >

Back Scratch

The Way to a Man’s Heart (Dick)


I speak for all men who have backs. Hairy, not hairy… whatever. If you want the back’s owner to adore you, keep reading.

It’s clinically proven (no sources needed) that skin stretched across the expanse of a man’s back has about 5 Gazillion nerve endings per microwhatever. And half of them itch three quarters of the time. I’ll let you do the math.

He may not realize they itch, but they do. It’s like your wacky Aunt Edna’s house… once you’ve been there long enough you don’t smell the Ben Gay, More >

Prostate Milking

Prostate Massage Tips (Jane)


Dick and I have received questions and comments on this site about prostate massage; some about receiving, some about giving. The nurse in me gives portions of the following “giving” tutorial a clinical slant, I hope you don’t mind.

Background, Basics, and Benefits

The textbook definition of the prostate gland is: a small structure located at the base of the bladder and wrapped around the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder out through the penis) that produces about 30% of the More >

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