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20th Anniversary

20 Years And A Thank You! (Dick)


Jane and I celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday. Holy crap! Has it really been that long since Jane teased me in the car? We had a great day together 20 years ago and another one just yesterday. I am sharing this with you because we have this site and its readers to thank for making our 20th special. I’ll get back to that further down, but let me first tell you about our day!

Unlike our wedding day so long ago, this day started with sex. Showers first, then back to bed… I can’t think of a More >

Afterglow Massage Candle

Afterglow Massage Candle (Jimmyjane)


The Afterglow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane is a scented, oil candle which produces a pourable, warm oil for massage. Its fragrant and romantic nature make it ideal for intimate exchanges of sensual massage.

What We Really Liked

• Ideal oil for massage • Self warming to perfect temperature • Wonderful fragrance

Physical Description

100% emollient made with natural ingredients to include; jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and Aloe. Porcelain container is a 2.6″ cube, has a pour spout, holds 4.5 fl More >

Jane By Fire Light

Day Off, Clothes Off, Game On (Dick)


click for a better view, trust me!

When you ditch work for the sole purpose of getting laid it can make for awkward next-day conversation at the water cooler. “So, what did you do yesterday?”, they always ask. “I shot a hot load of cum deep into my wife’s ass”, I’d like to say before taking another sip of water and watching their eyes react.

Actually, that would only tell part of the story… and it’s not really fair to cut out the true context of Jane’s and my day off together. We’re a couple More >

Nature Walk

The Naked Mile (Dick)


Click for a better view!

We make an annual trek to our family’s vacation home which sits on a 40 acre lot of oak forest. It’s a 4000 ft² house with a huge covered deck overlooking rolling hills of wilderness as far as you can see. We love it there!

Our time in the country is packed to the gills with fun, the kind of non-stop activity you’d expect from Summer Camp, and every year we try to include something new.

This year it was The Naked Mile, an au natural walk twice up and down the quarter More >

Mountain Retreat

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 2


It was nearly dark when we arrived in a fog of light rain. The intimate resort was set snugly among Pine trees high on a hill overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s an area resplendent with wildlife… but that wasn’t the kind of wild life we were after.

We both bailed on work for a couple days, left the kids with Grandma, and retreated into romantic solitude where our time was our own. We do this sometimes, maybe once a year, and it is a refreshing way to reconnect. This time we had you More >

Dick-n-Jane On Deck

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 1


Click for a better view!

I posted the following status update on Facebook two days ago:

Naked hot tubbing and naked sunbathing while looking over a valley of snow dusted pines beats work.

And I meant every word of it! Jane and I had a great mid-week getaway into the hills and discovered a really nice place to relax and unwind. It was quiet, there was little to distract us from each other, and we had no good reason to wear any clothes. It was everything our home life is not.

Our camera made More >

Slow Morning Blowjob

Weekend Away in the City – Part 4


Image from The Art of Blowjob

It’s on the “Top 5 Favorite Things in the Whole Fucking World” list for all men who have ever woken up from sleeping… it’s The Slow, Morning Blowjob.

Of all the ways there are to start a day (and there are a few), having the sap sucked out of his morning wood is about the best any guy could hope for. Sunday morning, that guy was me.

There was no dog pacing to go outside, no cats climbing on us expecting to be fed, no kids wondering where breakfast was, and no More >

Dick and Jane at the Window

Weekend Away in the City – Part 2


click for a better view

It takes batteries but it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t penetrate anything and I can’t stick my dick in it, but I have an unlikely new toy that is climbing the ranks on my short list of favorite sex toys. My camera.

Jane and I escaped family life for a sexy weekend away, we weren’t far from home mileage-wise but we got there on our bikes, so the 15 miles was enough to create a sense of isolation from home. We relied on our feet to take us out to eat and to shop, the slower More >

Coffee Cozy

Hot Coffee (Dick)


How hot is your coffee?

The last time Jane had a birthday I poked around online for a gift that was personal, functional, and would plant sexy thoughts in her head nearly every day. That’s a tall order. Luckily, I found something that fit the bill and also fit a Venti Latte.

Jane’s “Coffee Corset” is practical and spares cardboard waste… but she uses it in her most comfortable and personal moments and it is a sexy conversation piece too!

I found it on and it is handmade by Jenn Gee. More >

Naked Gift

The Best Things in Life Are Naked (Dick)


I just celebrated another birthday, it was a fun weekend with the kids and I got some nice gifts… but tucked into a birthday card from Jane was a note for my eyes only. She has planned a weekend getaway for the two of us, no kids, no distractions, just us.

Before you assume it will be a weekend yawner of handheld walks, meaningful talks, and romantic embraces… you should take notice that it was MY birthday! Sure, there will be those warm and fuzzy things but the rest of Jane’s note said she’d More >

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