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How Can I Convince Her To Try Anal Sex?


I’m in a new relationship and I’m trying to get her to try anal sex for the first time. She’s never done it. The problem is I’m very large. I’m 10.5 inches and very thick. How can I get her to try.

– James

Dick of (layman with a website)

I don’t know, James… what would it take to convince you to take a 10.5 inch, very thick dick up your ass?

Butts are the great equalizer, she and you both have one and experience touch, pressure, and displacement the same. But since you’re More >


Husband Tentative About Pegging


Hi guys, love your site and I need some advice.

I have a hot fantasy that I want to do with my husband and I know he does too, but he is afraid or has hesitation. I have wanted to put on a strap-on, bend him over and give him anal for so long now. He knows that I want this too and every so often he will send me a message hinting that he might be into it. Like when he sends sexy pictures of couples together from your site and included are some of the ones with couples doing this.

I have not More >


Sexual Preference, Porn, and Secrets


Hi. I have some issues that I hope someone can help me with. First of all, I live in a very small town with very few counseling resources. Plus everyone knows everyone’s business so am hesitant to ask for local help. Came across this website (thru and thought maybe this could be a safe place for me to ask some stuff. I wrote an extensive (and I do mean extensive) email, but it was too long to send. In a nutshell, some of my issues include a strained marriage due to a More >


Have You Checked In Lately? (Dick)


People change. They grow, they contemplate, they fantasize. Sometimes they get bored… and every once in awhile there may be a paradigm shift that spins a person’s perspective, ideals, and desires in unexpected directions.

If you are in a long term relationship and you think you have your finger on the pulse of your partner’s desires you might want to double check your assumptions. Maybe you don’t know the whole story any longer.

Or perhaps it is you who has discovered something new about what More >


It Shouldn’t Have Worked, But It Did (Dick)


I was abruptly awoken by a PMS day. The slamming drawers, mumbled expletives, and general frustrations of Richter magnitude rattling out of our bathroom were a dead giveaway that Jane would soon be blessed again with the crimson gift of womanhood.

She’s an early bird who gets more done before I wake up in the morning than I get done all day and this day was no different. Jane had been up for some time, was dressed, and ready to take our Golden Retriever for a walk. Her aggravation crescendo had More >


He Has Never Really Wanted Sex, Is It Me?


My husband and I have been married for 2 years and together for 6. He has always said that he has thought sex was “yucky” and that he never wants it. When we are intimate I feel like he is just going through the motions to make me happy. I am generally unable to help him achieve an erection, nor can I help him come to an orgasm. I am a psychology major working on my Bachelor’s of Science, so I understand that there are some underlying psychological issues at play here. However, he frequently More >


How Do I Convince Him To Be Rougher?


I have been dating my boyfriend for 18 months and we have a very strong relationship. I am more reserved and shy in public but I love having rough sex and being a little dirty in the bedroom. I want him to be rougher with me but he always seems hesitant. He says he doesn’t want to hurt me but I can tell he’s just nervous. Its hard for me to get off usually because he doesn’t need as long as I do to get ready. I also love foreplay and have tried telling him before but it just doesn’t stick. How More >


Too Worn Out To Prioritize Sex, What To Do?


I need some advice. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years, we are in our 40s, and we have been completely faithful to each other. From my perspective, our sex life has always been very satisfying. I have never had any complaints. Of course, over the years we have experienced the ups and downs every long-term relationship experiences. We have kids who are now teenagers, which makes things in the bedroom a little more tricky. Teenagers also add a new level of stress to our lives. More >


Once Cheated On, Always Cheated On?


Since I started dating until today, I have never had anyone, not a single woman, be completely faithful. Every single one of my girl fiends, my first wife and my current wife of 10 years, has had an extra experience with sex outside or on top of the time we have been together. Sometimes I have known about it, sometimes I have discovered it later through friends and sometimes they have confessed. I have quit being surprised. I have just learned to deal with it.

From my perspective, the phrase More >


Sexually Disinterested Wife Caught Masturbating


I am 40 yrs old, handsome, small muscular build and well endowed. My wife is 48 yrs old, a little chubby, VERY attractive and we have no kids. We have not had sex or any kind of intimacy in a very long time and we been married 16 yrs. She says she has no more sex drive or desire for sex.

Long story short…. I came home from work 2 hours early one day and heard the garden tub water jets running on high full blast and making a humming sound. I slowly peeked into our bathroom and saw my wife laid More >

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