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The Naked Hug

The Naked Hug (Dick)


We practice an astonishingly simple strategy to maintain an intimate connection amid the challenges and distractions of the lives we lead together and apart. Naked hugs.

Simple, intuitive, obvious even, but far too many of us overlook the most basic solutions to our greatest needs. To love, to feel love, and to feel the support of an intimately connected partner is a foundation upon which a rich and rewarding life can be built.

Skin (our largest organ) gives us an invaluable communications More >

A Marriage Like Ours

A Marriage Like Ours (Jane)


I’m generally a pretty private person when it comes to personal struggles, maybe I don’t like to reveal my flaws. I know everyone faces challenges at some point in their lives and sometimes it makes them a better person, I believe this is the case for me. My struggle has caused me to re-evaluate myself and put forth the effort to make necessary changes in myself to be a better person.

We recently got a message from a follower of our HotPics blog which inspired me to share my story. The message More >

Couple In Bed

Thirteen Is Our Get Lucky Number


We’ve had sex every day in 2013! If today were January 3rd you might just roll your eyes at that statement… but note this post is dated February 3rd. Now we’re talking!

Three years ago, Dick wrote about The 30 Day Sex Challenge, an exercise for couples to reconnect and find creative ways to work sex back into their routines. At the time, we had tried and failed the challenge twice and we didn’t make it through that last round either. We don’t remember why… it is just more difficult than we More >

Frustrated Penis

Good Things Come (Dick)


You know you’ve been having sex too fast for too long when you begin to hope the lube is not flammable.

Google finished the search phrase for me and turned up loads of pages for delayed ejaculation, known medically as “retarded ejaculation”… and I’d have to agree. For the first time in my life I’m taking a prescribed pharmaceutical which targets my brain and it’s having some interesting effects that my doctor failed to mention.

Loss of libido is on the list of side effects. I’ll admit mine may More >

Looking Back 2011

Looking Back on 2011


Jane and I have something new and fun slated to start in January, a short series that involves a lot more than just simple blogging… we’re excited about it and hope you’ll make a point to visit again in a few weeks to check out the first episode. That’s all I will say on the topic.

In the meantime, and to buy us a little time during the busy holiday, we’ve put together a year-end highlights reel. You know, like when TV shows produce a flashback episode because the filming budget ran out. What More >

Hormones Frienemies

Hormones Are My Frenemy (Jane)


Hormones can be so annoying. Our daughter has reached her tweens and is clearly being affected by the new hormones raging inside of her. I find myself wondering a lot lately what happened to my sweet little girl…which has actually made me more aware of myself and the role hormones play in my own life. Sometimes I’m aware of their influence, sometimes not. I think Dick is more in tuned to my hormonal fluxes than I am. He feels their wrath and their joy more than anyone (and somehow he still More >


Our First Blogiversary!


click for a better view

One year ago this month the Internet gave birth to! We had been journaling for some time in anticipation of publishing this site and launched the blog with some back-dated entries amid nervous clicks last year.

Today we have a legion of followers and get nearly 6000 unique visitors a month… not bad, and we’re growing every week.

We’ve been interviewed for Fearless Press, took a sexy trip, gave away some fun stuff, and made friends along the way.

We are More >

Cum On Her Belly

Trigger Happy (Jane)


The other day Dick and I were having a conversation about sexual triggers; what gets you in the mood and triggers the spark that leads to horniness. I got to thinking about it and realized what almost always does it for me is giving pleasure to Dick.

I’ve told Dick many a time that just because I’m not in the mood for PIV (Penis In Vagina) doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give him pleasure. I’m almost always willing, all he has to do is ask. Sometimes this takes the form of a hand job, a sensual More >

Outdoor Sex

The Best Sex (Dick)


I blogged recently about my wedding day and the incredibly sexy bride I hooked up with. That day was more than 15 years ago but the memories it created still stand out like a beacon in the haze of my since cluttered mind. Writing about it has stirred other memories too, and in a quest for new blogging material I’ve picked up some of those faded recollections and dusted them off. Events I hadn’t thought about in years, love and lust buried by countless days of mundane responsibility, have become More >


Candy Store (Dick)


I am 10 years old. The owner of my favorite candy store just handed me her keys and said, “The truck just unloaded this morning, help yourself”.

Ok, I’m not really 10. But I still feel like a kid in a candy store.

Marriage binds for better or for worse. Libidos come and go. Jane’s libido sometimes disappears on extended hiatus without even saying goodbye. And then it returns! Like drenching rain on a scorched desert, it returns.

That’s about one too many metaphors but you get the idea, I’m both More >

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