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Nine Orgasms

Nine Was The Magic Number (Dick)


The duration of men’s sexual response is limited by orgasmic exhaustion; one, two, three, or four in a single night and we’ve had it… there are limits to a male’s physiological capacity to reach orgasm without sufficient rest in between.

Women, on the other hand, seem limited only by physical exhaustion; one orgasm is a warm up, two is getting there, and three is a decent night.

The height of sexual arousal in women is sustainable and, for many, orgasm is as much a driver of further arousal as More >

Jane On Bike

Weekend Away in the City – Part 1


I’d follow her anywhere… tucked away in that unassuming backpack was a crotch-less fishnet body stocking, leather strap-on, and black vinyl boots.

My birthday present was a weekend away in my birthday suit and it all started with a bike ride into the city. I hadn’t seen the contents of the backpack, but I knew of its promise. I rode the first 3 miles with a hard-on straining against the confines of my black spandex bike shorts.

Jane and I used to ride together a lot. For a while we worked at More >

Rain Sex

Rain (Dick)


Late summer brings the best rainstorms where we live. They roll in at night with a light show followed by thunder that rumbles from a distance before building to crescendo and crashing through open windows.

Sleep escapes. Cool breezes chase us under covers previously forsaken by Summer’s heat. We hold tight through waves of glass rattling percussion which explode above the roar of cold rain punishing the roof. I love the rain!

Some years ago, a week of regular afternoon storms brought record More >

Married Sex

Marriage and Masturbation (Dick)


This is part of a Dick-n-Jane series for National Masturbation Month.

Married people don’t masturbate… they have each other, why would they need to? I believe this is a popular misconception and one that is likely believed by more vigorously masturbating single folks than those who are married.

Jane and I were masturbators when we met though we didn’t share this with each other. We each had our own demons (guilt and shame) from our similar repressive upbringings. We got married, had loads of More >

Masturbating Woman

Discovering Masturbation (Jane)


This is part of a Dick-n-Jane series for National Masturbation Month.

Image from

I have been masturbating for a long time; though I don’t remember exactly how or how old I was when it began, I do remember being as young as 6 masturbating to orgasm. I had this doll called Baby Beans and I would put her plastic face between my labia, lay on my belly, and rub until it felt so good that I could not continue (what I now understand was orgasm). It never occurred to me to use my More >

Sex Education

Masturbation Education (Dick)


This is part of a Dick-n-Jane series for National Masturbation Month.

My parents divorced when I was young enough that I don’t remember their marriage and neither of them remarried. I had two single parents, never witnessed the interactions of a loving couple, and knew nothing of sex that I didn’t pick up at school.

The topic of sex was never broached at home, ever. Fifth grade sex-ed was an intimidating first glimpse at reproductive biology. The curriculum was pre-screened by parents and More >

Black Light Beauty

Highlights in Low Light (Dick)


Photo from Rochard’s Bunny Ranch

Some years ago, I purchased a black light and a fist full of fluorescent highlighters. As far as sex toys go, these items are one the cheap side and don’t foster any awkward glances with a cashier.

There are incandescent bulbs on the market, with deep violet colored glass, marketed as black lights… don’t fall for it. Real black lights are fluorescent tubes or CFL’s, there are no incandescent substitutes.

Let creativity be your guide as you paint your partner in More >


Stumped (Dick)


We had only been married about a year when Jane and I packed up the car and took a summer road trip to the Pacific Northwest coast where we visited friends, family, historic places, nature preserves, and fucked each other on a giant tree stump.

Sure, the vacation was filled with G-rated adventure but this is a sex blog! No where else can I document and share the indelible memory cast by Jane’s and my roadside foray into a forest of gigantic cedar trees.

We were driving in Mount Rainier National More >


Hot, Dry, and Dripping (Dick)


Jane and I were riding our bikes through a gorgeous desert landscape outside Moab, Utah. It was mid-morning and the sun had just begun to chase away the remnants of a frigid night. The only sounds were tires on rock and sand beneath the steady rhythm of our breaths. Our isolation seemed absolute… though we were on a well mapped trail through one of the world’s premier mountain biking regions.

I had been riding for miles behind Jane, watching her muscular butt through tight black spandex as it More >

Jane In Hammock

Fear Nothing (Jane)


Jane kicks back on the beach

I was a virgin when Dick and I got married. I came from one of those God-fearing families who taught that sex was “dirty” and a sin outside of marriage. So, out of fear of God’s wrath, I saved myself for my wedding night. This is not something I would do if I had it to do over again and I will definitely not put the same fear into my own children.

My wedding night was good (Dick was a patient and loving husband), but I believe it could have been so much better if More >

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