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Sexual Preference, Porn, and Secrets


Hi. I have some issues that I hope someone can help me with. First of all, I live in a very small town with very few counseling resources. Plus everyone knows everyone’s business so am hesitant to ask for local help. Came across this website (thru and thought maybe this could be a safe place for me to ask some stuff. I wrote an extensive (and I do mean extensive) email, but it was too long to send. In a nutshell, some of my issues include a strained marriage due to a More >

20th Anniversary

20 Years And A Thank You! (Dick)


Jane and I celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday. Holy crap! Has it really been that long since Jane teased me in the car? We had a great day together 20 years ago and another one just yesterday. I am sharing this with you because we have this site and its readers to thank for making our 20th special. I’ll get back to that further down, but let me first tell you about our day!

Unlike our wedding day so long ago, this day started with sex. Showers first, then back to bed… I can’t think of a More >


He Has Never Really Wanted Sex, Is It Me?


My husband and I have been married for 2 years and together for 6. He has always said that he has thought sex was “yucky” and that he never wants it. When we are intimate I feel like he is just going through the motions to make me happy. I am generally unable to help him achieve an erection, nor can I help him come to an orgasm. I am a psychology major working on my Bachelor’s of Science, so I understand that there are some underlying psychological issues at play here. However, he frequently More >

The Naked Hug

The Naked Hug (Dick)


We practice an astonishingly simple strategy to maintain an intimate connection amid the challenges and distractions of the lives we lead together and apart. Naked hugs.

Simple, intuitive, obvious even, but far too many of us overlook the most basic solutions to our greatest needs. To love, to feel love, and to feel the support of an intimately connected partner is a foundation upon which a rich and rewarding life can be built.

Skin (our largest organ) gives us an invaluable communications More >

A Marriage Like Ours

A Marriage Like Ours (Jane)


I’m generally a pretty private person when it comes to personal struggles, maybe I don’t like to reveal my flaws. I know everyone faces challenges at some point in their lives and sometimes it makes them a better person, I believe this is the case for me. My struggle has caused me to re-evaluate myself and put forth the effort to make necessary changes in myself to be a better person.

We recently got a message from a follower of our HotPics blog which inspired me to share my story. The message More >

Consumer Friendly Innuendo

Consumer Friendly Innuendo (Dick)


We had butt sex and then we went grocery shopping. That’s how it works now. At some point after squeezing the kids out and signing the mortgage, household chores became acceptable after play.

Actually, it works at the other end of the sexual equation too. My vacuuming of the house is now considered “first base”, its effectiveness being on par with that of Jose Cuervo. But I digress.

So there we are at the store, walking isle by isle, Jane still with that wonderful glow in her ass that everyone More >


Too Worn Out To Prioritize Sex, What To Do?


I need some advice. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years, we are in our 40s, and we have been completely faithful to each other. From my perspective, our sex life has always been very satisfying. I have never had any complaints. Of course, over the years we have experienced the ups and downs every long-term relationship experiences. We have kids who are now teenagers, which makes things in the bedroom a little more tricky. Teenagers also add a new level of stress to our lives. More >

Couple In Bed

Thirteen Is Our Get Lucky Number


We’ve had sex every day in 2013! If today were January 3rd you might just roll your eyes at that statement… but note this post is dated February 3rd. Now we’re talking!

Three years ago, Dick wrote about The 30 Day Sex Challenge, an exercise for couples to reconnect and find creative ways to work sex back into their routines. At the time, we had tried and failed the challenge twice and we didn’t make it through that last round either. We don’t remember why… it is just more difficult than we More >

Jane By Fire Light

Day Off, Clothes Off, Game On (Dick)


click for a better view, trust me!

When you ditch work for the sole purpose of getting laid it can make for awkward next-day conversation at the water cooler. “So, what did you do yesterday?”, they always ask. “I shot a hot load of cum deep into my wife’s ass”, I’d like to say before taking another sip of water and watching their eyes react.

Actually, that would only tell part of the story… and it’s not really fair to cut out the true context of Jane’s and my day off together. We’re a couple More >


Questions About My Husband’s Sexuality


Hello my name is Dawn I have been married for 8 months. This is not my first marriage or his . I am 46 and he is 65. Sex was great when we first started and I found out he had an implant for his penis I was fine with it things were great. About three months Into our relationship the implant broke and he had it for ten years. We had it replaced but its not the same it is not very hard and it points down. He can not Make me cum and has a hard time making himself cum. That’s one problem. The major More >

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