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How Can I Convince Her To Try Anal Sex?


I’m in a new relationship and I’m trying to get her to try anal sex for the first time. She’s never done it. The problem is I’m very large. I’m 10.5 inches and very thick. How can I get her to try.

– James

Dick of (layman with a website)

I don’t know, James… what would it take to convince you to take a 10.5 inch, very thick dick up your ass?

Butts are the great equalizer, she and you both have one and experience touch, pressure, and displacement the same. But since you’re More >


How To Size A Rigid Cock Ring (Dick)


If you have never used a cock ring, or don’t know why someone would, we addressed related questions in our post How Do Cock Rings Work? and I can tell you from experience they are a great accessory for any man (and couple!) to own and use: A Solid Investment.

There are a variety of cock ring types available and a good primer on the basics can be found on the Sex Is Fun website. Buying the right size ring is important, especially if it is a rigid ring made of something like steel or aluminum. I More >

Pussy Eating

The Pleasures Of Giving Oral Sex (Dick)


Receiving oral sex is great for many reasons which need no explanation, but what about giving oral sex? Can a person find pleasure in performing an act which, on the surface, appears to be so one sided? Yes, of course. But perhaps it is not entirely for the altruistic reasons you suspect. Let me back up to get a running start at this.

You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve

The head of a woman’s clitoris (just the visible part) is packed with 8000 sensory nerve endings (interestingly, that’s about twice the More >


Have You Checked In Lately? (Dick)


People change. They grow, they contemplate, they fantasize. Sometimes they get bored… and every once in awhile there may be a paradigm shift that spins a person’s perspective, ideals, and desires in unexpected directions.

If you are in a long term relationship and you think you have your finger on the pulse of your partner’s desires you might want to double check your assumptions. Maybe you don’t know the whole story any longer.

Or perhaps it is you who has discovered something new about what More >

The Naked Hug

The Naked Hug (Dick)


We practice an astonishingly simple strategy to maintain an intimate connection amid the challenges and distractions of the lives we lead together and apart. Naked hugs.

Simple, intuitive, obvious even, but far too many of us overlook the most basic solutions to our greatest needs. To love, to feel love, and to feel the support of an intimately connected partner is a foundation upon which a rich and rewarding life can be built.

Skin (our largest organ) gives us an invaluable communications More >

Obligatory anatomical illustration
to give this post immediate credibility

Demystifying The Pleasures of Prostate Play (Dick)


Obligatory anatomical illustrationto give this post immediate credibility

Amid all the talk about prostate play online, I have never read much more than “it feels great”, “amazing orgasms”, or some similar succinct synopsis devoid of any rational explanation as to why it is so good. It’s not a magic button either, in case that’s what you were thinking.

Before I demystify the pleasures of prostate play for you, let me back up to make a couple notable points first so that my explanation later in More >

Blow Job

In The Name Of SCIENCE! (Dick)


We just got a question posed to us on our ‘Ask Us‘ forum that is an EXCELLENT question! Someone was paying attention, noticed something interesting, and now wants to know what’s going on!

It was a question from someone self identified only as “Swallower”… “Can swallowing semen affect a girl’s waste output? I had been noticing some pretty potent pee lately, but couldn’t make a connection between any new foods or environmental concerns. Then I noticed a correlation between swallowing and the More >


Going For The Long Shot (Dick)


Sperm can swim but semen can fly. Don’t believe me?… check this out! Or this or this or this , this, or OMG this.

I don’t know how those porno-dudes do it, the only way I can get anything to exit my dick with that much force is to chug three Venti Lattes and then sit in traffic for an hour.

Kegel exercises are key, they say. Muscles in the pelvic floor which contract during orgasm to expel your Man Juice can be strengthened with exercise, thus producing a muzzle velocity greatly improved over More >


Gräfenberg Missed His OWN Spot! (Dick)


In 1981 a few American sexologists struggling with German pronunciation declared this particular lady-region the “G-Spot” (see reference)… blah, blah, blah.

Ever since, there’s been debate about whether women really have a G-Spot… blah, blah, blah.

I’m not going to dive into the scientific or academic debate, I am not going to analyze the research and compare it to Jane’s sheet shredding sexual response to my skilled finger work, but I AM going to say this… Gräfenberg got it all wrong!

Anatomy More >
Prostate Milking

Prostate Massage Tips (Jane)


Dick and I have received questions and comments on this site about prostate massage; some about receiving, some about giving. The nurse in me gives portions of the following “giving” tutorial a clinical slant, I hope you don’t mind.

Background, Basics, and Benefits

The textbook definition of the prostate gland is: a small structure located at the base of the bladder and wrapped around the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder out through the penis) that produces about 30% of the More >

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