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Cowgirl Position Wears Me Out, What Can I Do?



Whenever I have to do the Cowgirl position during sex I tend to get tired rather quickly and then my partner has to take over. What can I do to prolong my endurance? Also, are there other motions that can be done on top beside just the up and down thrusting?


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That position is a pretty challenging one for some folks. You could do pilates to build up your abs. Belly dance is also worth trying- it’s often a question of how well you can move your More >


Concerned About Penis Size


A bit embarrassed but here goes:

I am 195 lbs, former college football player who has stayed in shape with lifting weights and running. I am also “short” where it counts (like 2.5 hard inches). Even so, I have a “fairly good” sex life. I am good at oral and using my fingers to get her off. The one position that works for me is her on top and grinding on my pubes. Anal works most of the time if I hold her tight so she doesnt lunge forward. We just want to know if there is something new you guys More >


Self Conscious About My Vulva’s Appearance


This question simply comes from inexperience and lack of information. I have a new sex partner who is helping me open up and explore. Ive never really looked at my girly bits, but now that I’m brave enough to look at your sexy pics, I’ve wandered elsewhere and am now paranoid that my hoo-hoo looks like a pile of roast beef!! Ew!! Not nearly as sexy as what I’m seeing.

Is there any way to shape up the old girl?

– Old Lady Still Having Sex

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He Watches Porn and Lies About It


So my bf watches porn ALOT. He doesn’t watch it with me and he denies that he does it. He blocks it on the computer so he doesn’t “lie” about it, but I know he does cu he has the videos downloaded. Sometimes i feel like he would rather watch porn than have sex with me. I do not have big boobs, he always complements me on my butt. He said he is a butt guy, not a boob guy however all of the porn videos he watches are “girls with big boobs” etc… The couple times we have watched it together, he More >

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