Stroke 29DICK SAYS: I am a man who appreciates a good hand job, be that by Jane’s hand or by my own (though, just between you and me, Jane’s hand is a lot better). Typically, I go at it dry… Jane is more likely to use lube on me than I am. The water based stuff gets sticky, the silicon stuff is too slippery, and oil based lubes get messy. The clean up just isn’t worth it! Stroke 29 seems to strike a perfect balance of; easy to handle (no drip!), slick (but not too slick!), long lasting, and easy clean up.

However, every time I twist the lid off and scoop some out I feel a bit like I’m getting ready to grease the weasel with my mother’s cold cream. It’s a lot like that stuff. But just like Stroke 29, those thoughts melt away when the stroking begins… good stuff, many happy endings!

JANE SAYS: This may seem odd as this is really a product for men, but I love this stuff! It’s not designed to be used as a lubricant for vaginal sex, and I would actually recommend against using it in this capacity as it contains oils that could really mess up the vaginal flora; but as a masturbation lube for Dick, in my opinion it rocks! Unlike many silicone or water-based lubes it never gets sticky and in fact actually gets more slippery and glides easier as it warms up from the stroking…in fact the product claims to “transform” at around the 29th stroke (hence the name) to imitate natural human lubrication. I have actually counted the strokes before and sure enough…stroke 29 is the magic number. You never have to reapply, it’s not greasy and it leaves not only Dick, but my hands soft and supple!  :o)