Three Thongs By PoolFor our male readers…

If three hot twenty-something girls (resort activity coordinators) wearing only thong bottoms told you to jump naked into a pool with them, along with other naked women and men, to play Water Volleyball would you do it?

I know! Silly question.

What about a more contact oriented in-pool sport like Water Polo or Basketball where legitimate fouls (funny but true) include “penis grabbing”?

Could you refrain from throwing slightly-too-high passes to your female teammates, forcing them to jump and lift their shiny wet tits out of the water?

Are these questions too easy? Would your answers change if your wife was sitting poolside?

These are the difficult decisions faced everyday by noble, yet horny, men at Desire Cancun. Thankfully, the pool-side bar offers a Liquid Assistance Program to ease the transfer of thought processing from your large head to your smaller one.

Storm surge prevented Beach Volleyball on the sea-side sand court while we were there. Just as well… I don’t think there was enough booze behind the open bar to have eased me into that one.